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Farrah Moans: What Pheromones Do For You as a Woman

She wants to be able to turn her boyfriend on in an instant. Can females use pheromones to attract males in the same way male pheromones attract females? How quickly does it work? Is it natural?
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I want to be able to turn my boyfriend on in an instant. I have heard about pheromones and how women are attracted to a man’s pheromones but how does this work and can it be reversed for a woman trying to attract a man? Also, does it have to be natural or can you alter it so that the guy will instantly be attracted?

First, the good news: yes, pheromones work both ways. You can easily use pheromones to instantly turn on your male partner. Now you want to hear the bad news. Well, there isn’t any! Pheromones are a great way to rev up the sex drive of your lover, and many women have had excellent results from their very first application.
All Washed Up

The pheromones naturally at work in your body are probably being washed away in today’s overzealously hygienic bathroom regime. Or you’re covering them up with deodorants. Either way, whatever you had going on to begin with isn’t there any more. And that’s a problem! Studies have proven that pheromones target the hypothalamus area of the brain—the region that controls many autonomic responses such as heart rate, temperature, and breath. It also controls hormone response.
Making the Magic Happen

When pheromones are detected, they are directed to the hypothalamus, which orders the appropriate action. It is thought that pheromones act through some sort of protein-peptide binding in what’s termed the Major Histocompatibility Complex(MHC).
In males, upon pheromone uptake, the hypothalamus triggers the release of testosterone. This testosterone kicks your man’s libido into overdrive. Testosterone puts the “man” in “manly” by increasing sexual desire, stamina, and muscle strength. Once activated, testosterone will spur a male onto sexual conquest, essentially lassoing a man into bed.
Where, Oh, Where Are My Pheromones...

Pheromones are found in several locations in and on the human body. First is the armpit, but this production area’s ability is diminished in females both due to a lack of hair, and due to deodorants. It is secondly found in vaginal secretions, but this would obviously only be noticed when the couple is already engaged, so to speak. The third unusual (to our thinking) place for pheromones is in urine! However, humans no longer sniff urine for scent clues due to social and biological changes.
Fun Times Ahead

So, can you use pheromones to lure your man into some great lovemaking? Yes! Is it natural? Yes! Can you use it immediately? Yes! However, for instant results, you’ll probably need some outside assistance. There are a number of pheromone products that give good results instantly, and many come with a delicious fragrance to boot. (SEE: Natural Pheromone Attractants) I’m sure you’ll have a fun time springing this sensual surprise on your man!

What to do

Pheromones Guide For Female

Your nose determines beauty.

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