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The Hair That Wasn't There – And the Masturbation That Caused It

His hair was thinning, his skin was growing pale, and his penis was shrinking. Sound like a nightmare? Welcome to the reality of chronic masturbation. Learn the facts, and find out what you can do about it.

Case #: 873


My hair is graying and very thin and falling out. I am tired all the time I notice if I don’t masturbate for over 2 weeks I have amazing energy and confidence and my skin and hair look good, I also notice my penis looks bigger. Then when I masturbate my hair gets thin, my skin looks pale and I get a low self esteem and my penis shrinks. Is this from low energy?


A man visits his doctor. “Doc,” he says. “I need your help. Every time I bend my fingers all the way back, they hurt like hell.” The doctor calmly nods his head and replies, “Perhaps you should stop doing that, then.”

Okay, so it's an old joke, with a million variations, but it contains within it a certain modicum of wisdom. Quite often, we subject ourselves to unnecessary pain and suffering while refusing to just accept the obvious. Masturbation is one of the most prevalent examples. It doesn't take an M.D. to realize that too much masturbation is damaging to the body, but it just feels so damn good. It's like eating donuts. We know they're poisonous, but the sugary sensation calls to us like a drug. So I'm going to play your doctor for a moment: If all of this masturbation is causing you to lose your energy, hair and skin tone, maybe you should give it a rest.

Why Masturbation is Turning You Into a Zombie

Believe it or not, there is a science to what you're describing. No, God is not punishing you for your sinful ways, but your body is certainly revolting against you. Excess masturbation causes your testosterone to convert to DHT (an inflammatory hormone) at a rapid pace. Too much DHT causes your hair follicles to weaken and miniaturize.

If that wasn't bad enough, over-masturbation also increases cortisol production, and excess cortisol contributes to feelings of persistent exhaustion. Meanwhile, plaque is building up in your arteries, and your penis is losing blood flow and shrinking in size.

So now your hormones are out of whack and you feel like a tired, sexually diminished old bald guy. Damn. Now what?

Time for a Reboot

The way I see it, you have two options. You can continue masturbating like an insatiable teenager and accept your fate as a balding vampire with no energy, or you can take your life back. Step 1: find a new hobby to take your mind off your masturbatory urges. If you need to keep your hands busy, I understand that juggling provides quite the challenge.

Second, begin an herbal regimen that combats the hormonal imbalances that you're facing. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Sexual Dysfunction & Exhaustion) Rhodiola will reverse the cortisol overload and help you to restore your energy, while herbs like Cistanche and Rehmannia will help to rejuvenate your hair follicles by balancing your DHT and testosterone levels. Remember, masturbation is kind of like that donut: it's okay in moderation, dangerous in excess, and sometimes cream-filled (sorry, couldn't resist).

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