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She Put the Hurt on Me: How to Heal Penile Breakage After Too Rough Sex

He and his girlfriend got a little too wild and something snapped. Now, he’s got pain in his penis, and can no longer get an erection. What’s happened, exactly, and what can he do to restore his sexual function?
Case #:1985

Last week, my girlfriend and I tried out “Reverse Cowgirl”, something I’ve always wanted to do. In the middle, she slipped off, and coming down again she only got half hooked on and slammed her ass down on my cock. I feel like she snapped my dick. I couldn’t continue after that, but I thought it wouldn’t be a problem a little while later, or the next day. I’m still feeling pain even a week later, though, and I’m having issues getting a hard-on. Has she broken my dick for good?

Wow, maybe next time you two start off a little bit slower in your sexual exploration, eh? A girl’s gotta have some glutes to master “Reverse Cowgirl”. Anyhow, what’s done is done, and you’re both the wiser for it. Luckily, she hasn’t done any irreversible damage, but enough instances like this and you could end up with a malformed erection.
Bruised Boner

What’s really happened is that your girlfriend caused a minor fracture in the massive system of blood vessels and tissue that is your penis. Your penis is essentially a sponge filled with a couple large sections of tube. The tubes bring blood into the spongy sections, known as corpora cavernosa, which soak up the blood and become firm and erect. You’ve damaged these spongy bodies, and as a result, have developed a bruise.
Blocked at the Base

It probably seems a lot more painful and scary than any bruise you’ve had before, but in reality, it’s a hematoma the same as any other. Right now, you’re unable to get an erection due to a blockage of blood flow to the entire penis. She must have injured you quite near to the base. During bruising, a blood and platelet clot form to assist in rebuilding capillaries—that’s the purple and blue stain that you see with normal bruises. You’ve probably noticed increased redness, or even a purplish color around your penis. This will fade in time—in three weeks or less it’ll be gone completely!
Help Yourself

What you need to do right now is to help your body to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible. You should resist having sex, as you likely won’t get a proper erection anyway, and, as much as you can, prevent yourself from getting an erection. This means no masturbation, no fellatio, nada. This is simply to prevent further damage to the penis. The better you can hold off, the quicker you’ll be back to normal.
Herbs the Heal

You can also speed healing through the assistance of an herbal tonic. There are plenty of herbs that help the body heal wounds, reduce bruising, and promote healthy erection. I recommend a formula designed to help with problems just like what you’re facing. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Injury Erection Recovery) It contains three kinds of Ginseng, a powerful healing herb, as well as Nettle, which has been traditionally used to fight inflammation, and a number of erection restoratives, including Epimedium, Mexican Wild Yam, and Yohimbe.
You’ll have nothing further to worry about if you do as I told you—no further stress to the damaged area. By beginning this supplement, you’ll also see a quicker healing time than you would normally, and an even an improved erection when your injury is healed. Next time, I recommend “Reverse Cowgirl” in a chair, at least until you’ve both got the hang of it. Don’t stop your sexual adventures; just be a bit safer next time!

What to do

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