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50 Shades of Gray Hair–Is Masturbation to Blame?

The link between hair loss and chronic masturbation is well established.Learn one man's firsthand account of premature graying,and learn what you can do when the problem occurs.



I have little natural erection.I am addicted to masturbating which I am trying to deal with.I have had to use Sildenafil to have sex.I think I’ve spotted a few grey hairs.I masturbate once a day.Please help!


Sexual activity makes us feel young,but be careful.Years of excessive masturbation can actually cause you to age prematurely.One minute you're looking vibrant and youthful,and the next you're a 35-year-old senior citizen lining up at the Bingo hall whilst clutching your AARP card.Okay,so that's a slight exaggeration,but excess masturbation can definitely cause your hair to turn gray,and if you keep it up,you may even begin to experience hair loss.

Why Your Hair and Penis are Revolting Against You

Every time you masturbate,your body undergoes a wide variety of chemical processes.Among other things,your testosterone converts to DHT,an inflammatory hormone.DHT isn't dangerous in moderation,but years of DHT accumulation can wreak havoc on your body,contributing to penis pain,weakened erections,prostate inflammation,premature ejaculation,and yes,even the weakening of your hair follicles.

At first,you notice just a few gray hairs,but after a while,you begin to see hairs on your shower floor.Then your hairline recedes.Before long,you fall victim to male pattern baldness.The longer you persist,the worse the problem gets,and it's all due to chronic masturbation(you'll never look at Mr.Clean the same way again).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news,but if you want to get the matter under control,you need to end the cycle of compulsive masturbation.You mentioned that masturbation is an addiction for you.If that's true,then I would recommend speaking to a professional.Sexual addiction is as real and as powerful as any drug addiction,and sometimes you just need a helping hand(forgive the pun)to get the matter under control.There may be some deeper emotional issues driving this behavior.

Reversing the Damage

You don't want to start looking like Jack Nicholson in the prime of your life,so for the graying hair,I would recommend an herbal remedy containing Fo-Ti and Dong Quai.(TRY:Thinning Hair Herbal Formula)This will nourish the blood vessels beneath your hair follicles and reduce the effects of DHT on your body.But of course,if you want to stop the problem in its tracks,you obviously need to begin by cutting back on the sexual self-abuse.After all,diet shakes may help you to lose weight,but you'll never see results if you continue to binge on triple cheeseburgers.

What to do

Shou Wu Herbs For Thinning Hair&Premature Gray Hair

Shou Wu Youthful Hair formula can prevent those unwanted grey hairs from appearing and premature hair loss from occuring.

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