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Resetting The Nervous System For Better Erections

His nervous system imbalance continues to cause a bevy of problems.

Case #: 29640


I used to scoff at the men in erectile dysfunction commercials. I would sneer at their urinary problems and enlarged prostate. Now, I am the man with the erectile problems and urinary issues. Now, I am the guy who visits the bathroom 10-12 times a day. Now, I am the male who cannot gain a healthy erection for sex. I guess it’s karma’s way of saying “here you go, jerk!” My urinary problems were so bad that I had to take medication for the prostate swelling. Thankfully, I can urinate just fine now.

Now, my only problem comes via my erectile dysfunction. I cannot enjoy sex as I once did. When I do manage to gain an erection, I do not last long at all. As a 40-year old man, I never believed that I would suffer from such a debilitating condition such as this one. I find myself depressed. I feel irked by my sexual ineptitude. I see my wife more upset than before—mostly because of my lack of sexual desires. I just want to get back to my old self. I just want to return to my normal sexual activities. I just want to feel like a man again.


Relax, breath and read. You will be fine. Your erectile dysfunction is a normal sign for men with an enlarged prostate due to Prostatitis. Your doctor took the right—and necessary—steps by placing you on medication.

The medications will reduce your prostate inflammation while improving urine flow. However, to see a return to your erectile capacity will take a bit longer. The reason is due to the body’s prolonged state of imbalance that has altered hormone and neurotransmitter production, two essential neurochemicals needed for sexual activity.

Your body is just resetting the nervous systems associated with your severe bladder/urethral incontinence and prostatitis.

Please Wait, While Your Body Resets
In your present state, your body temporarily inhibits sexual activity. Think of it as a drastic interior remodeling in preparations for the grand re-opening. Before you can have a normal erection, your body must restore the bladder/prostate functions for urinary continence - the basic sign of a normal parasympathetic nervous function.

If your parasympathetic nervous function cannot fully recharge, your erections will be non-existent. In addition, your body will too need to boost the production of testosterone and dopamine to power your libido.

Testosterone will give you those rock-hard erections, while an increase in dopamine will ensure you feel pleasure during sex. If either of these two chemicals goes missing, you too can experience erection problems.

So…How Do I Increase These Chemicals?
For a man in your position, returning to your regular sexual activities seems of utmost importance. Returning too fast can cause you to re-inflame your prostate, while taking too long can further irk the wife--a mood no married man wishes to see his wife in.

Your body can naturally heal itself; however, the process will vary from individual-to-individual. Now, for faster recovery, you may want to try taking all-natural supplements infused with ingredients (SEE: Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive Problems) that help produce more dopamine and testosterone while healing the parasympathetic nervous function.

All-natural products help the body reclaim necessary nutrients lost during a hormone/nervous system imbalance while fixing damaged bodily functions, i.e., sex drive.

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