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ere's a guy suffering from one of most guys' top three or four worst nightmares: he dropped a hard, heavy object directly on his penis. Once you're finished wincing in sympathy, read on to find out might have happened and what you can do if you experience similar trauma.
Case #:1401

I was exercising the other day and smashed a free weight on my penis. It was an accident, but still, it hurt like hell. Now, I notice light bruising and intense pain surrounding the head of my penis. Even when I touch my penis to urinate, I notice the intense pain. I can’t have sex. I can’t masturbate. And now, I can’t even put on pants without the pain crippling my body! What am I to do?

There's just something about a guy getting hit in the crotch that almost always provokes sympathetic laughter in the audience, with more than a little sheer relief; “Better you than me, buddy.”

The possible sources for such injuries are everywhere, including physiologically speaking, there are many good reasons for this: the genitals contain dense clusters of nerves for sensation during sexual intercourse and for controlling all the physiological processes involved with orgasm, and lots of blood vessels that may hold blood at very high pressure.
How Did This Happen To Me?

Statistically speaking, despite the proliferation of YouTube videos involving flying sports equipment or free-standing handrails at very specific heights, most data sources cite sexual intercourse as the most likely culprit of penis injury: 30-50% of all reported instances stem from this source. Of those, the riskiest sexual behavior appears to be female-on-top positions involving side-to-side motions.
You can examine a list of other possible sources of injury on the chart on this page, along with recommended responses to each.
Please... Do Something...!

The first response for penis injuries should be to carefully examine the penis for obvious signs of damage, including bruises or visible bleeding but also including dents and areas of unusual sensitivity. The victim should do his best to remain calm during this examination as unnecessary stress and anxiety may exacerbate the situation even more than the initial trauma.
Next, get yourself to a health-care provider as quickly as possible; injury to your penis is every bit as serious as injury to any other part of your body except your heart and brain, and should be treated with the same level of concern. You have the choice of being kind of embarrassed quickly while your penile injury gets treated and could get better, or being very embarrassed for a long time while your injury goes untreated and gets worse as time goes by.
Can't I Just Leave It Alone?

Only if you want to risk persistent sexual dysfunctions like weak erections and an erection with an unnatural curve to it and possibly others, almost certainly adding up to more pain during intercourse or masturbation, possibly including urination as well. The penis has no bones or muscles in its structure, and as such requires completely different treatment procedures than a broken arm or sprained ankle.
Your best bet to ensure a speedy recovery is to discuss the matter with your health-care provider immediately, and maintain contact during your convalescence. You will most likely get recommendations for certain medicines, but you should also consider taking an herbal supplement designed specifically to help your body recover from these traumas. (TRY: Natural Formula for Penile Damage Repair)

What to do

Penis Trauma & Injury Herbal Erection Treatment

Improve your erectile strength damaged by severed nerve endings and injured tissue.

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