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Insurrection–Hair Loss Caused by Excessive Masturbation

Let’s check out this interesting case involving a gentleman who has been playing with Mr.Happy a little too much,and as a result is experiencing thinning hair.How will he recover from this malady?Let’s find out.



Hello again!Lately I have been having problems with the hair on my head.I have a little bald spot which is slightly bigger than a nickel.I noticed it last month.I've been using topical steroids but to no avail,and people tell me it's from too much stress.My sex life is good thanks to the viapal products but I really can’t understand how I can have a bald spot all this time.What can I do to help the hair grow back because it looks ugly?


I have a secret to tell:I’m an undercover geek.One of the ways that my geeketry manifests itself is with video games.But I don’t feel so bad though since a lot of guys are into games.I mean,who hasn’t played Street Fighter at least once or twice?Anyway,not only do I review them for another publication,but I also am an avid game player.One game that some fellow geeks and I play is a space conquest game,where each player starts with a home world and minimal resources.From there you have to build scouts to explore neighboring star systems and build up your resources.

Once Vibrant Scalp

Once you establish yourself on other worlds you can start to build a mighty fleet which can be mobilized to attack other players’empires.One thing that can happen however is that if you fleet becomes too large and overextended,morale starts to drop.This can result in large factions of your fleet actually rebelling and turning against you.

Now imagine that your scalp is your home world and that the fleet that you have built up is DHT.Your body naturally converts DHT from testosterone,and both are male sex hormones.

Unfortunately,through your overindulgence with masturbation and sexual activity,you’ve built up excessive amounts of DHT,and now they are revolting against you;attaching themselves to your hair follicles and attacking them,inhibiting their growth.So how do we turn things around?

Crush the Rebellion!

Since your excessive masturbation and sexual activity has made your body accumulate too much DHT build-up you’re going to have to abstain from both for a few weeks.No,this isn’t punishment for being a bad boy or anything,it’s the first step to starting your body’s healing process,and letting it build up its resources again.Also,when you do come back to it be sure not to fall into the same pattern of over masturbation again,and only masturbate/have sex a maximum of 3 to 4 days a week in order to give your body the proper time it needs in order to replenish itself.

Consider taking a powerful botanical supplement which can greatly reduce your body’s DHT levels,balance your body’s hormonal levels,regulate your cortisol,and prostaglandin E-2,and help to heal your overstressed liver and kidney.(TRY:Natural Hair Loss Follicle Regrowth Formula)They can also boost your blood circulation in your scalp area and contain nutrients that can promote hair growth.And since these herbal remedies are all natural the only side-effect you’ll experience is a rapid reduction in stress levels and a fuller head of hair.Don’t expect it to happen overnight(around 6 months),but with a little discipline you’ll crush that rebel fleet and have a vibrant empire once again.

What to do

Herbal Hair Loss Solution&Hair Follicle Regrowth

Improve hair growth by eliminating DHT buildup.If you have been masturbating for years,Herbal Hair Loss Solution&Hair Follicle Regrowth can help regrow your dead hair follicles.

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