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I Had Over 400 Movies — Most Of Which Were Porn-Related Movies

An overactive libido has led to frequent masturbation. As a result, he is now experiencing weakened erections.

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I love to masturbate. It’s the first activity that I do in the morning. When I’m bored, I masturbate. When I’m stressed, oh yah, I masturbate. I recently checked my hard drive space, and I saw that I had over 400 movies—most of which were porn-related movies. With so much content, I tend to masturbate a bit. Ok, I tend to masturbate a lot. Now in a committed relationship, I find it hard to engage in sex with my partner. I notice my erections remain weak—but when we watch porn together—I can remain stiff as a tree. What’s wrong with me!


Your overworked libido is depleting your body’s natural neurochemicals and hormones. This constant depletion of chemicals is likely the cause of your weakened erection. Add a psychological cause, such as being embarrassed about an already weak erection, and performance anxiety is sure to follow.

Your job is to balance your psychological sexual impulses with your body’s natural hormones and neurochemical levels. If you are serious about regaining your former stature, than you may need to prepare yourself for some lifestyle changes.

Fighting the Urge:

Think of sex like a gym session. Missionary will give your legs a great workout, while “Reaching Zen” (picture the male crab-walking and the female trying to do pushups) can provide a great workout for the arms. Now, most people who go to the gym do so for an hour or two—not multiple times in one day. Masturbating in excess is like visiting the gym multiple times a day.

The most obvious solution is to stop masturbating in excess. You need a day in between to let the body rest, take in the protein you eat during the day to repair and rebuild your muscles at night.

Your testosterone levels work much the same way. When you masturbate, your body loses testosterone, and if you’re not giving your body the proper amount of time to recover lost hormones, your body cannot perform.

Damaged parasympathetic nerves make it difficult or impossible to maintain an erection.

Find a healthy outlet for your urges, such as exercising, which has the added bonus of improving blood flow. As your body recovers from overuse while creating new neurochemicals and hormones, you will see an increase in the firmness of your erection. Erections will last longer and your ejaculation will be greater by volume.

Increase your Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Levels:

Your natural neurochemicals and hormones are balanced about 24 hours after sexual activity. If you don’t let your body recover, you will exhaust the resources available, triggering your body’s adrenal glands to produce harmful chemicals and hormones.

Your body will never fully replenishes the neurochemicals, nutrients and hormones lost during sexual activity. Expecting to have a firm erection after excessive masturbation is like expecting your car to run on empty.

With an exhausted parasympathetic nervous system, your body will need time and help rejuvenating its natural testosterone and nitric acid levels.

Taking an herbal supplements may give your body the boost it needs to recover its former strength. Not to mention the difficulties of trying to quit an old habit, such as excessive masturbation, cold turkey. You’re bound to fall off the wagon.

Road to Recovery

Sexual urges are hard to fight. With pressures from media, friends and significant others, there is a lot of emphasis placed on sexual performance. I’ve found two pieces of advice to be handy: first treat sex like a marathon, not a race. A steady pace will win a race. Second, don’t be so hard on yourself, save that for the bedroom.

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11/19/2023 5:46:00 PM
Over 400 porn movies? That is an insane amount. That must have led to a lot of masturbation and that must have led to over masturbation.

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