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All Jacked Up – Premature Ejaculation and Being Stressed Out

This poor guy is going through a divorce, considered a stressful event on par with losing a loved one or being engaged in a titanic battle. How can he hope to overcome the resultant symptoms, including premature ejaculation?

Case #: 1425


Premature Ejaculation, hair loss, depression and low sex drive have resulted in my divorce. I think I over masturbated when I was younger and became adrenal defective in cycles and habits. Now I have problems with adrenal deficiency, nervousness, biting nails and constant worrying. I am unable to handle my stress and this is causing my premature ejaculation now.


The woman dashed over to the overturned car with blazing speed to where the child had been pinned underneath one of its tires. The child’s mother was already there, shrieking madly as she tried in vain to pull her eight-year-old daughter from underneath the tire of the large vehicle; a Cadillac. Seeing that her mother was not going to be able to extract her daughter from underneath the tire, which lay partially across her tiny body, the woman, with lighting reflexes rushed to the front of the luxury car and grabbed the hood, which now faced downward. In her mind she knew what had to be done. Squinting, she took a deep breath, squatted, and flexed the muscles of her arms, legs, back, and gluts, lifting the 4,500 lb. upward enough so that the frenzied mother could extricate her stunned daughter from beneath the Caddy. The woman groaned, veins bulging, and realizing that her job had been completed, let the vehicle down.

Power Woman

Although this sounds like something out of a comic book, this was no super-heroin; in fact the woman good Samaritan was 44-year old Martha Weiss.

She was 5’3” and weighed 133 lbs.

Adrenaline can have effects on the human mind and body that are still not fully understood. But if the above true story (drawn from a San Diego newspaper) is any indicator, it can be quite a powerful force. And just as adrenaline can overstimulate your sympathetic nervous system and allow you to suddenly take in more air, it can likewise just as quickly divert blood from the rest of your body and flood your muscles with hormones and chemicals needed for incredible feats. If this can be done with your body, just imagine what can happen to both your body and mind when you are under constant stress.

Issues such as problems with a co-worker at the office, failing in school while under high expectations, and yes, divorce (as in your case), can put your body and mind in a constant state of stress and anxiety by stimulating your sympathetic nervous system; throwing your hormones out-of-whack. The sympathetic nervous system controls both your urge and ability to ejaculate. So how do you get back to normal?

Heroes Not Needed

To help calm your body and mind, you may want to consider finding a good masseuse, or taking up meditation; especially if you are still masturbating. If you are, make sure that you are only engaging in it a few times per week.

Most people need more help with their symptoms, and that’s where taking a natural herbal remedy comes in. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Premature Ejaculation Relief) These potent mixtures are jam-packed with properties that can greatly reduce your stress levels, calm your over-sensitized ejaculatory nerves, and alleviate the feelings of despondency, hopelessness, and depression. This will not only allow you regain control over your ejaculations, but also will help you get over feeling like this divorce is the end of the world for you, and that life will never be the same (in a bad way).

Give it a try; you never know how green the grass can be until you get to the other side of the hill. It doesn’t require any sort of super-heroism, just a strong inner-desire to make a positive change; naturally.

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