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Painful Explosions – Pain Related to Excessive Masturbation

Let’s check out this interesting case involving a young man who has been playing with Mr. Happy a little too much, and as a result, he is experiencing some painful side-effects. How does he recover from these maladies? Let’s find out.

Case #: 625


I love to masturbate. It’s one of my favorite activities that I use to relax. Except, I’m noticing that after I ejaculate, my body starts to experience inflammation all over the place. Particularly my near my penis and testicles. After reading your site, I noticed that one potential cause for the inflammation may be prostaglandin E2? Could this chemical be the cause of my current itchiness and pain near my testicles and penis?


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve thought volcanos were super cool. Watching shows on what causes them and seeing them erupt and explode all over the place; discharging that molten, searing hot lava all over the place was just amazing and jaw-dropping.

Chain Reaction
Such an awesome display of power and energy that made me glad that I wasn’t anywhere around them when they went off. I actually visited a live volcano up in northern California once, and walked on its vibrating surface as steam rose from fissures in it.

I have to admit that I chickened out and left pretty quickly soon after that. All that I could think about is being on it just as people were caught off-guard by the infamous 1980 Mount St. Helen’s disaster in Washington State.

Much like a volcanic eruption, every time you masturbate you’re creating an explosive chemical chain reaction within your body. And too much of it has literally burned your body out. Let me explain…your chronic masturbation is causing a spike in your prostaglandin E-2 levels. Prostaglandin E-2 is a crucial anti-inflammatory chemical which controls your blood circulation. This hormone’s normal purpose is smoothing or relaxing your muscles, which is why masturbation makes us feel so good and creates that feeling of relief.

Too much of playing with Mr. Happy, however, is resulting in an overabundance of prostaglandin E-2 which is serving as a catalyst in igniting your volcano, and inflaming your penile and testicular areas. So what’s the solution to your issues?

Cooling off Your Volcano

I hate to break it too you but you’re going to have to refrain from happy time with your friend down there for a while. No, this isn’t to punish you for being a naughty boy or anything, but rather something that will really pay off in the long run.

Taking a break from your one-handed hobby will give your body a chance to replenish itself of proper nutrients and neurochemicals needed for a stable, healthy lifestyle. Take a few weeks off and enjoy some other hobbies, and when you do return to it, lessen the volume of your masturbatory cycle. 3-4 times per week is normal, but no more than that.

Taking a powerful botanical supplement (See more: Advance Herbal Remedy For Exhaustion & Dysfunction) can also help to balance your body’s hormonal levels, regulate your DHT, cortisol, and prostaglandin E-2 levels, and help to heal your overstressed liver and kidney. Let’s take the natural path towards capping off your volcano, and cooling its lava.

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