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Learn How One Man Overcame Nocturnal Emissions

Early in our relationship, we would visit bars, but now, I tend to avoid her, as I continued to experience wet dreams

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During the last few months, I have continued to experience wet dreams. When I was a teen, I experienced wet dreams often. Now in my 20s, I suffer from the issue more than before. I recently started a relationship, and my girlfriend and I have even talked about living together. I tend to stymie her desires of living together because of my issue. I stymie her efforts because I feel nervous and embarrassed of my problem.

Our sex life is great, but my wet dreams force me to bar her from staying the night. Early in our relationship, we would visit bars, but now, I tend to avoid her. I don't want to lose my girlfriend, and I'm too embarrassed to talk about my issue with her. What can I do?


First, worrying about the problem makes it worse. You need to relax; wet dreams are normal. A leaky penis can happen for a number of reasons from over masturbation and other reasons. It usually develops over time. The stress put on the penis and the prostrate gland from overuse can mimic orgasms, which cause premature ejaculation and even bladder issues. Consumption of alcoholic beverages too can worsen nocturnal emissions, while smoking and drugs, prescription and recreational, can increase the frequency of wet dreams.

Limiting alcoholic intake may serve as a necessary lifestyle change you need. You might be surprised how effective one change can be!

In fact, I once had a friend who dated a man who incessantly drank. He would guzzle down alcohol as if it were sodas. When he and my friend came home, he naturally felt in the mood. He often performed ok, but in the mornings, his bed was wet from an emission.

The Science Behind Emissions

Testicles produce sperm. The prostate produces the fluid sperm use to swim in. And the P.C. muscles stop the flow of urine, and inhibit ejaculations and wet dreams. Together these systems help ensure a man has enough sperm, alkaline liquid and a proper system to stop the flow of the liquid from releasing.

Your P.C. muscles help open and close the ejaculatory valve that releases pre-cum for lubrication. During sex, this valve opens to release more pre-cum to prepare for an ejaculation. In your case, the valve happens to release more pre-cum while you sleep. The added pre-cum causes an ejaculation to occur, resulting in a nocturnal emission.

Finding the Strength!

The key to resolving the issue is strengthening the muscles by providing the body with a proper source of hormones and neurochemicals that impede an ejaculation.

For example a mix Os Draconis, Flatstem Milkvetch Seed, Ostrea Gigas and Gardenia calm and rejuvenate the parasympathetic nerves and strengthen the P.C. muscles to prevent the release of excessive pre-cum during sex and while asleep. And together, these herbal supplements restore DHT, DHEA and GABA levels for better control over your emissions.

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