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How Prescription Medication Shrunk and Weakened This 36-year-old Man’s Penis

Carefully following the directions for using his medications has resulted in penis shrinkage and weakened erections. What’s happening? Is it just from growing older, or can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!
Case #: 1836

After years of taking prescription medication, I feel my penis has shrunk-even my erections feel weaker. What’s wrong?

The human body maintains a complex balancing act of chemicals and bodily functions required throughout life. For example, you need testosterone to fuel your erections as well as to rebuild damaged tissues. Too little testosterone and your erections become weak; too much and you experience behavior-driven problems like alcoholism, poor assessment of physical risks and unsafe sex practices that lead to STDs.
Your body can only make so much testosterone at any given moment, and as you age, that production rate decreases. However, your body also wants to convert larger portions of that supply into DHT. Less testosterone means less help during the recovery of injuries. Medication can damage both testosterone production and DHT, resulting in weaker, smaller erections.
Cleanup Letdown: Damaged Done to Your Liver

Your liver cannot maintain the increased DHT production, but taking certain prescription medications with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, such as hair loss drugs, can severely limit the liver’s ability to product DHT. And each time you gain an erection, the penile tissue must be repaired. When you experience too many erections and engage in too much sex, your penis tissue cannot recover and your body will experience an insufficient amount of chemicals to produce a healthy, normal-sized erection. With depleted testosterone and elevated cortisol levels, the body with no chemicals to maintain an erectile size.
Building Back Up

By avoiding ejaculations for at least three solid week, the penis tissue can start to repair itself while the body can stock up on necessary chemicals for healthy, strong erections. Meanwhile, taking more zinc, B-vitamins, oyster, crab and lobster can increase production of testosterone. Supported by a moderate exercise program, which will reduce abdominal fat, can increase erectile strength and remove pubic fat that cover the penis.
You might also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed to boost erectile size damaged by medication. (TRY: Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth). It works to improve blood circulation and mimic testosterone production.
Remember that you didn't get into this mess overnight, so cleaning it up is bound to take a certain amount of time. Be patient, follow the directions, trust the process, and you'll find the results you desire appearing before you know it. Good luck!

What to do

Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth

There are many ways to enhance and enlarge the size of the penis. Methods with relatively faster results also carry higher risks. With this formula, you can safely grow your penis without the added risks

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