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When Penis-Play Makes You Pay–A Shriveling Member&What to Do About it

A gentleman hopes that by writing in,he can seek some guidance with regards to his ever-shrinking member.Let’s see how we can help...



I am 28 years old and I am going to write out my problems in hopes that you can give me advice on what I can do to fix my problems.When I was 14 years old I saw a relative of mine masturbating and that led me to masturbate myself and it started to be on a daily basis a few times a day until now.I had read on some medical websites that masturbation was a great way to release tension and for your body to grow.I thought I was doing something good for myself until I started to notice that my penis started to lose sensitivity and I still kept masturbating.Soon after that I started to notice a worse problem,my penis was shrinking.I found this site and in hopes of reversing what I had done.If I would have read this information I would have never started masturbating so much.That is my story and now I hope there is some sort of way that you can help me.


Masturbation has been around for as long as we’ve been walking around on two legs.Even though the vast majority of human beings on this planet we call Earth engage in self-sexy time,most people will deny that they do it.For some bizarre reason,pleasuring yourself is still a relatively taboo activity that is perceived as depraved and unholy.

Indeed,many forms of media portray masturbation as something perverted which should be hidden;it doesn’t take long for Puritanical underpinnings(at least in the USA)to rear its ugly,outdated,and outmoded head.Even saying someone is“jacking off”in day-to-day life means that they are up to no good.

Well,due to the backwards and unevolved perceptions with regards to masturbation in the so-called“civilized world,”most people don’t get to learn much about the dos and don’ts associated with this widespread pastime.It’s really rather silly.Thankfully,there are some outlets of practical insight and knowledge,such as Herbal Love,which can break down issues associated with masturbation.

Well…it WAS Once There!

Yes;it is true that masturbation,when practiced properly,is healthy for your“pipes”down there in your dark,forbidden regions.It can help to prevent such unwanted problems as yeast infections(yes,men get those too),and like a well-piled machine can keep your junk functioning efficiently.

Done in excess however,whacking off can deplete your body of crucial neurotransmitters and sex hormones.It can also result in the accumulation of plaque and scar tissue within your penile tissues and block off blood flow,which can result in a penis that looks like a rapidly deflating balloon.Additionally,it can cause your wiener to become desensitized by too much penis-play and not enough recovery time.

So how are you to get back on track?

Yes–There is Hope

Quite simply;take a break!Resting your body for a few weeks will allow it to replenish itself of all of those depleted neurotransmitters as well as rebalance your hormonal levels.

When you’re ready to get serious,there are powerful herbal solutions available that can reverse the damage done by excessive masturbation and get you back to a healthy pre-abuse condition.(SEE:Natural Penile Sensitivity&Shrinkage Reversal Formula)The botanicals contained within these compounds can revitalize your body and clear out blocked blood veins and passages,allowing for the enhanced transportation of dopamine and serotonin.Additionally,all of that nasty scar tissue can eventually be a thing of the past as it is gradually eroded and dissolved away.That means penis re-growth and harder boners.

So invest in a healthier sex-life and a firm sense of confidence when it’s time for you to drop your undies!

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