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A young man has self-diagnosed as having pearly penile papules. He suspects that his troubles are just beginning, as he only has a single row of them... so far. What are they? What can he do? Read on, get the facts, and find out!

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I am only 20 years old and I think I might have penile pearly papules. I have done a search of them on the web and pictures of them seem like the papules cover the whole rim of the penis but in my case I only have one small row. I want to know if they will grow and spread to more over the time unless I can completely get rid of them then that would be a lot better.


Generally speaking, guys aren't expected to pay quite as much attention to our appearance as the ladies. These days, we can get away with kind of messy hair, stubble on the cheeks, and even a few wrinkles and creases on the face to indicate character. We're even allowed a few scars along with our tattoos to indicate that we've had a few adventures. But when it comes to the appearance of the penis, a guy is held to pretty much the same standard as a lady and her vagina: it's got to look “normal”. So when a series of tiny nodules appear around the rim of the penis and you don't have a funny story to explain them, most potential sex-partners will assume that it's some kind of sexually-transmitted disease.

Strictly speaking, they aren't, though I recommend that you head on down to your nearest clinic for a professional health-care provider's assessment, just because an expert opinion on your situation is a very good idea. True pearly penile papules (scientifically known as Hirsuties coronae glandi) are not contagious, so your partner need not be concerned that she's going to “catch” them from you.

Assuming that you've correctly diagnosed the issue, let's get a little more information.

So What Are They?

Short answer: no one's quite sure. Some scientists think that they may be some kind of legacy from our primitive ancestors, because they show up in every racial and ethnic division of humanity with pretty much the same frequency. Being circumcised seems to decrease the frequency somewhat, but they still appear on circumcised males as well as the circumcised. No one has completely settled the question of what makes them appear, either. Functionally, they have no effect on the sexual experience for either the male or female partner if the female does not happen to see the penis-head before it is inserted into the vagina; they are not large enough to produce noticeable sensations on the vaginal walls, nor do they have any effect on the male's sensitivity. They also tend to recur less and less frequently with age.

What Can I Do Now?

If you don't have the money or inclination to seek professional treatment, there are still several possible options for self-treatment. All the usual warnings about self-medicating still apply: research thoroughly, cross-reference whatever you find, and go slowly. It's better to deal with them for a little longer than you were expecting than to permanently disfigure your penis.

One very promising and safe treatment involves Castor Oil. (SEE: Castor Oil - Penile Papule Removal) This all-natural remedy is probably either already in your house, due to the established value as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, or readily available as the stuff is still inexpensive. Before you start treating your papules with it, be sure to dab a small quantity somewhere else first, like on your arm. Let it sit for a few minutes, 20 at the most. If you feel any kind of irritation or see any kind of redness, you should probably assume that you are at least mildly allergic to the stuff and look for another treatment.

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