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Raging Inferno – When Too Much Fun Results in Body Inflammation

A gentleman is highly concerned about body aches and pains that he is suffering from. If that wasn’t enough, he has also experienced a reduction in penis size, which is never a good thing. How can he hope to rid himself of his pains and reverse his shrinkage?

Case #: 1843


I know age brings on new aches and pains, but I am only 32 years young. At such a young age, I feel pain in my tailbone, abdomen, and lower back. Sex is no longer enjoyable as I can hardly maintain an erection to engage in intercourse. My penis, like my shrunken sex life, has too seen a reduction in size. I want to enjoy sex as I once did. I want to be vanquished of all the pain I feel. I just want to feel like me again! Please help me.


Mick had the petal to the medal and was doing about 80 mph on the freeway, he was headed toward Las Vegas in order to go over some paperwork with his soon to be ex-wife. The sun was scorching outside but Mick had his air conditioning blasting within his car and he felt nice and cool. Besides, the sun was the least of his worries right now, as all of his concentration was focused on dealing with his wife, and what he figured would be a series of arguments and blame games, once he arrived.

As he prepared himself for the impending verbal sparring sessions, he began to notice the faint smell of something burning. The smell quickly became more pungent as he drove on, until finally, he pulled his car over to see if it was his car that smelled. Right after parking, he saw smoke coming from under his car’s hood, and popped it up after grabbing a mini-fire extinguisher he had in the trunk.

Mick had been so consumed about his divorce that he hadn’t performed preventative maintenance on his vehicle and now its engine had caught on fire. Luckily, he was able to contain it until help arrived, but he’d learned a valuable lesson: Don’t run your car into the ground, especially on long trips.

Burning from Both Ends

Like Mick’s poor car, many men can run their bodies too much by engaging in too much masturbation. When a man fails to give himself proper rest in-between rigorous masturbatory sessions, he can cause his adrenal glands to suffer from overuse.

When these glands are exhausted, they can cause an imbalance of testosterone. In this fragile state, prostaglandin E-2, which is normally used to smooth out muscles after arousal, can erupt and inflame the body, including the lower back, pelvic cavity, and reproductive system, as well as cause headaches and other pains.


Since excessive masturbation is the main culprit here, try to find other activities to do instead of your self-love sessions. Working out, running (or any other cardio exercise), meditation; all of these can help with burning excess energy, while also allowing you to have better sleep at night.

Most men need additional help however, and taking an herbal supplement can be just the boost they’re looking for. (TRY: Natural Remedy for Exhaustion & Dysfunction Relief) The special mixtures contain the elements critical to rejuvenating and restoring your battered sex drive. These can help to re-regulate your out-of-control hormonal levels as well as reduce the excess of cortisol which is flowing throughout your body as a result of too much hanky-panky with yourself.

As this happens, the prostaglandin E-2 running rampant in your body can begin to dissipate, and all of the aches and pains associated with your body’s inflammation will fade away. So let’s not burn up that engine any more, take a break and treat yourself to an all-natural tune up…you deserve it!

What to do

Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction

Sexual exhaustion caused by over masturbation or ejaculation resulted in devastating effect of chronic overexposure of cortisol. Prolonged cortisol elevations result in suppression of immune system, sustained elevations of blood sugar, substantial...

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