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Try, Try Again: His Wife Is Trying Everything She Can to Get Him Hard, but the Best He Can Give Is a Limp Erection

They’ve been married for 15 years and have hit a serious roadblock: despite her repeated and valiant efforts, he cannot get hard. In bed, he watches in humiliation while she does all the work. At only age 50, he doesn’t think he should have to give up on sex. He’s right – he doesn’t have to. But he does need to recharge his system.
Case #:2048

I am embarrassed to write this, but I need to tell you that night after night, my wife tries her damndest to make me hard. She gets on top and tries to ride me, gives me blow jobs, she even uses different toys and creams to make sex more exciting. But the best I can muster is a semi-soft penis that does nothing to please her. After 15 years of marriage, I’m embarrassed and more than a little ashamed. I am almost 50, she’s six years younger. I’m not old enough to give up on sex, and I can’t disappoint my wife one more night. Please tell me what to do.

It seems no man is exempt from erection problems. From the young, virile male in his 20s to the middle-age male still in love with his wife, the penis doesn’t always work as it should. Sometimes these “problems” are sporadic, while at other times they are constant. Regardless of whether they happen once a month or once a day, weak erections stand between you and a healthy, fulfilling relationship.
Why Do Men Get Weak Erections?

Here’s the burning question all men want answered: what causes weak erections? In some instances, age determines the culprit. Younger men, for instance, are more likely to suffer erection problems caused by smoking and drinking. Older men are more likely to point the finger at circulation problems caused by obesity, diabetes and/or heart disease.
Men of all ages can suffer from symptoms of depression. A bad week or month caused by problems at work, financial difficulty or parenting struggles translates to a soft penis. If you don’t believe us, consider what happens when your head is filled with worry. Certainly your thoughts don’t land on sex, and desire starts in the brain. This is just one reason why you need to manage stress in order to achieve erection.
Porn can also be a problem for men from age 13 to 73. Sitting on the computer and staring at beautiful, naked women weakens sexual reactions. In other words, you need more and more stimulation before you get into the mood. Your penis, in turn, doesn’t get hard as quickly or easily when it comes to sex.
Bedroom boredom is another common problem, especially for married couples. It’s easy to find something you like and stick to it. But this creates a rut that becomes hard to climb out of. From your explanation, it sounds like your wife is doing all the work while you lie there and wait. Get involved with your marriage and take control in the bedroom. Touching, kissing and caressing your wife will help put you in the mood.
Medical Conditions and Medications

It’s easy to think of the penis as an isolated organ, but it’s closely connected to other organs and systems. This is why pre-existing conditions like diabetes and depression interfere with erections. Prescriptions for common problems like insomnia and blood pressure also limit a man’s ability to get hard. We’re not suggesting you stop taking your medications, but you should ask your doctor to reduce your dosage or provide an alternative remedy.
Stabilize the Relationship

Problems in the bedroom are hard on both partners. Your wife is trying to get you hard for the shared enjoyment of sex. This is why we suggest you speak to her and share your worries. Let her know you appreciate all she’s trying and explain you’re doing research of your own to correct your weak erections. Open communication will keep the two of you from drifting apart.
A Natural Boost

Modern society often wants doctor-prescribed pills to fix ailments. This thought process unfortunately negates the role nature plays in our health. By nature, we mean the healing powers possessed by herbs.
To strengthen your erections and restore your edge in bed, we recommend Maca, a natural aphrodisiac that grows in the fertile land of Peru. (TRY: Maca for Stronger Healthier Erections) Maca contains potent healing abilities and, specifically for weak erections, stimulates blood flow and heightens sensitivity. The combined effects will allow you to enjoy every touch, every kiss your wife gives until you’re hard as a rock. With your erections restored, you’ll be able to enjoy long nights of steamy, satisfying sex.

What to do

From Limp to Maca Strong

She tugs on it. She kisses it.

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