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In Need of More: He Wants to Add Just One More Inch to His Penis Length

He feels insecure about his 5-inch penis and wants to add another inch. It’s not his girlfriend who’s prompting him to do this, but rather his own desire to be bigger. An herb known as Deer Antler could be just the answer.

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Can I enlarge my weapon to at least 1 inch? Although my girlfriend is not complaining about the length, 5 inches, I still want to have 1 inch longer. Can I do it? Will exercise and a proper diet help?


It’s no secret that men think about their penises. Some thoughts are mired in ego – a great deal of pride can be found in the male penis - but most are the result of anxiety. Lessons starting way back in childhood tell us that bigger is better: the bigger man is more powerful, the bigger horse is faster and the bigger abode is more comfortable. Even the most innocent of cartoons embrace this lesson.

But for men, speaking about insecurities doesn’t come as easily as for women. They are taught to hide their worries behind a mask of bland restraint. Never is this truer than with the penis, an organ that has inspired many crude jokes but few real discussions. Thus, men are largely ignored when they ask if they can increase their size. The truth, however, is that you can – you just have to beware of lofty gimmicks that might harm your body and/or deplete your wallet.

What’s Behind Penis Size?

Genetics are the most influential factors when it comes to penis size. If your male relatives - especially your father and grandfather - had large penises, chances are that you will, too. The same is also true if their organs were small.

The shape of your body also factors into penis size. Some men are tall, thin or muscular. To describe different body shapes, researchers use three categories: endomorphs (marked by greater fat storage), mesomorphs (characterized by greater muscle mass) and ectomorphs (defined by thin bodies with long muscles). The category you fall into generally correlates with your penis size.

In addition to genetics and physique, a man’s environment influences his penis size. Exposure to pollution, chemicals and plastics can significantly impair penile development. Diet and the use of some medications also factor into the overall equation.

Society’s Perspective

Women want men who know how to give and receive sexual pleasure without regard for penis length. But if you seek a general consensus on size, loyalties are split: some women like a larger penis, while others like a smaller one. It thus comes down to individual preference.

Of particular note is the way in which society’s views on the penis have changed over time. In Ancient Greece, men with small penises were more desirable. Ancient Romans, however, celebrated men with larger penises. Some historical art suggests size was of little consequence, although a preoccupation with genitals of both sexes has prevailed since even the earliest times.

Today, it is estimated the average penis is around 5.5 inches long. Up to 90 percent of all men want to increase the size of their penises, not only to please themselves but also their sexual partners. The problem is that creams and pumps can cause uncomfortable and long-lasting damage. The former can lead to skin rashes, while the latter can bruise tissues.

Naturally Improve Your Penis Size

The real answer to improving penis size is found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). More than 2 million Americans take advantage of TCM each year, and with a history at least 2,500 years old, the practice is considered safe and effective. One of the most prominent features of TCM is its use of herbs to improve health.

When it comes to naturally enhancing penis growth, an herb known as Deer Antler can boost testosterone levels and improve blood flow to penile tissues. (SEE: Deer Antler Penile Enhancement Formula) This can lead to a natural expansion in length and girth. As an added bonus, deer antler improves erection strength to give you even more satisfaction during intercourse.

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