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Urology Can’t Help Him with His Painful Erections

He suffers from low-sex drive and painful erections caused by Prostatitis.

Case #: 369


I am 23-years old, and for someone my age, I should not be experiencing some of the symptoms my body has showcased. At my young age, I continue to suffer from low-sex drive and painful erections. When my libido is present, I find that gaining an erection cause some slight discomfort. My low libido and painful erections have led me to see multiple urologist who all give me the same prognosis: Prostatitis. They say my prostate is inflamed thanks to bacteria. When I take the medicine to reduce the swelling, I still experience the same symptoms. Please, what is really wrong with me?


Your doctors are right in their prognosis of your condition; however, a bacteria infection may not be why your prostate continues to experience inflammation. The prostate becomes inflamed for one of two reasons: bacterial infection or excessive masturbation/sex.

The prostate’s main role is to produce the white, alkaline solution used by semen. When you engage in too much sex/masturbation, your prostate is prone to inflammation. It appears that you may have led a very active lifestyle as a young adult, leading to your present circumstances.

Inflammation Causes
Think of your prostate, urethra and their nerves as delicate soft tissue. Now think of masturbation as a dull knife. The more you engage in the activity, the sharper the knife becomes. Eventually, the sharp knife starts to cause abrasions on the prostate, urethra, and the nerve endings.

Once abraded, the prostate experiences inflammation, which eventually leads to weak erections and painful erections.

Your body experiences this inflammation because over-ejaculation drains the neurochemicals and hormones inside your body. Once these hormones and neurochemicals experience a depletion, the body witnesses a deficiency of prostaglandin E-1, which causes the mentioned pain in your penis. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling an erection, sees a massive depletion during excessive masturbation. This depletion will too affect your erections.

Fighting Prostatitis
Your body needs to recuperate. It needs a break from sex. That means no masturbation. No pornography, and no intercourse. Let your body heal itself from the depletion it has undergone. As for the inflammation, take all-natural supplements that contain a bevy of nutrients to help reduce the swelling.

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