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A Kick in The Nuts A Cause for Infertility

Men play strange, cruel jokes on one another. From “nut checking,” a smack across the testicles, to a “love tap,” a gentle tap to the testicles, these strange, insidious tricks can lead to testicular disorders if enough force is applied. While men see these jokes as harmless, many medical pundits agree that constant trauma causes issues for men, from fertility to low sperm count.


If enough trauma is applied, the testicles can leak blood into the scrotum and require surgery. But with one good testicle, males can still produce the necessary sperm for fertilization. When the testicles endure intense bruising or trauma, males can experience fertility issues. Males who notice trauma can experience the following testicle-related issues:

  • Testicular Contusion: Common after sports-related injuries, testicle contusions lead to bleeding and bruising because of damaged blood vessels.
  • Testicular Degloving: An injury that occurs from a torn scrotum, degloving involves the removal of the scrotum, similar to taking off a glove.
  • Testicular Dislocation: Accidents that push the testicles out of the scrotum and into the abdomen are called dislocation trauma. Common causes for testicular dislocation occur after motorcycle crashes.
  • Epididymitis: Trauma to the coiled tube (the epididymitis) that holds sperm leads to epididymitis inflammation and infection.
  • Testicular Fracture: Testicular fractures occur when your testicular tissue breaks or tears from its protective cover.
  • Testicular Hematoceles: When blood gathers underneath the protective layer of the testicles, testicular hematoceles can occur.
  • Testicular Infections: Caused by animal bites, testicular infections can damage the scrotum.
  • Testicular Ruptures:  When an injury tears the protective layer of the testicle, a rupture can occur.
  • Testicular Torsion: An injury to the scrotum that causes the spermatic cord to twist leads to torsion.

Seeking Help

Individuals who experience any testicle-related injury should immediately seek medical attention. Failure to seek help can lead to pain, infertility and in some instances death. If you experience trauma, pain and bruising, speak to a doctor.

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