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A Success Story That Created Another Problem: Premature Ejaculation as a Result of Heightened Sensations

On occasions, some people found that taking one supplement offers a solution for an existing problem, but may not resolve an associated issue. For example, weak erections may be resolved using one of the products, but you may still suffer from premature ejaculation.

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Just wanted to say thank you for your products & advices. I love your products. It took 2 months for me to really realized the full benefit (recharging the nerves and brain, etc) of erection power. They’ve helped me eliminate my weak erection issues. I also have found that drinking plenty of water is important when taking any supplements.

However, I'm finding that I ejaculate much quicker than before, and I'm wondering if you have some advice on any further supplements or techniques that could delay my ejaculation?


On occasions, some people found that taking one supplement offers a solution for an existing problem, but may not resolve an associated issue. For example, weak erections may be resolved using one of the products, but you may still suffer from premature ejaculation.

You are not Alone

Let's surmise that we are doing a quick survey. If you take a representative sample of males and ask them what their primary sexual issues are, premature ejaculation would rank high on the list. It engenders a raft of negative emotions, including feelings of inadequacy, stress, anxiety and terror.

A plethora of factors can alter performance level. According to studies, over 30 percent of males—of all ages--state that ejaculating too soon makes for a regular event. And with almost every male having suffered this rather deflationary experience at least once, it makes for an uneventful experience too.

How To Combat It

To minimize premature ejaculation, you need to work on both the physical and mental issues that exacerbate the problem. By improving the brain's seretonin and acetylchlorine levels, males can work toward a pathway of recovery. Next, males must repair the damaged nerves and tissues both of the ejaculation duct and valve of the prostate.

Thanks to healing herbal combinations, males can actively promote the strengthening and rejuvenation of these ejaculatory nerves. Because herbs can reduce anxiety during sex and increase in the body's natural ability to enjoy prolonged pleasure, these herbs make for a great combination at reducing premature ejauclation.

During the nerve-healing process, you can take further steps to enhance and improve your control. Many have enjoyed substantial benefits from studying and perfecting the Taoist's Natural Ejaculation Control Technique recommended by many sexperts. These techniques allow you to expand the prostate or P.C. muscle by applying pulses of pressure to the bladder and slowly contracting the tailbone muscle as you inhale.

Be warned, this method does not produce immediate results. The healing of nerve endings takes time and persistence. But if you follow our recommended course of action, you will regain ultimate control of your ability to delay orgasm, heightening both your own and your partner's enjoyment.

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