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Sex Addiction Leads to Prostatitis

A 36-year old male feels concerned about his constant hunger for sex. He spends an inordinate time looking for sexual partners when he’s not engaged in actual sex, and wants to know if this lifestyle will lead to problems with his prostate.

Case #: 427


I am your atypical male. Most men say they love sex, but I depend on it. I need it to concentrate. I need it to function. If I do not engage in sex, I spend the following days looking for potential partners who will satisfy my needs. Sex is my drug; ejaculations my release. I am shameless. I will lie for sex. I will fabricate details of my life to create a semblance of the perfect partner. Myriad females have fallen prey to my lies. Now, I fear my lies will lead to reoccurring prostate problems.

Reading through the site, I noticed how too much sex can bring about prostate infections. As a 36-year old male with a voracious sexual appetite, I continue to engage in multiple sexual encounters. I have sex multiple times a day with multiple women. Are my suspicions true? Will too much sex lead to prostate problems?


Think of your penis as a rubber band. You can use it and stretch it multiple times, and to multiple lengths, and eventually, it will snap back to its original shape. However, just like a flimsy piece of rubber, if it is put under extraordinary amounts of pressure, it snaps that causes liver malfunction and hormonal imbalances.

Isn’t sex supposed to be good?

Sex is good; sex is fun. However, too much sex can cause complications within your reproductive system. When referring to sex, we are not only talking about sexual intercourse, but masturbation as well, since both of them are designed to help us reach the ultimate climax; the ever so exciting ejaculation!

According to the Studies, too much sex exhausts the prostate, so much that it can’t prepare enough of the alkaline liquid required for the next ejaculation. This leads to a rapid elevation in lactic acid, cortisol, DHT, and prostaglandin E2, according to Dr. Peng from Chongqing Medical University.

In his studies, he has proven that high levels of both lactic acid and free radicals can buildup during an intense contraction of the pelvic muscles, required to ejaculate semen. Eventually, this over-contraction leads to Prostatitis, also known as prostate inflammation.

Oh-no…what do I do if it happens to me?

Stress homones inflame the prostate and damage your liver’s capacity to eliminate metabolic waste. To combat this, the body needs a simple rebalancing of DHT levels, as well as an increase in prostaglandin E1 and E3; chemicals which are highly beneficial to the prostate.

Depending on the severity of the prostate inflammation, enhanced recovery may be a solution, such as Exhaustion Recovery for Your Prostate in order to decrease DHT, cortisol and prostaglandin E2, which are all harmful to the prostate.

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