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When Too Much Fun Turns into a Nightmare for Your Member & the Hard-On Fairy Deserts You – Reach for an All-Natural Healing Remedy

A young man writes in highly concerned about his soft member. Is there a connection between his noodle-like penis and doing too much hanky panky? Let’s find out...
Case #: 2026

I’m 19 years old and I’m out of control. Well I was out of control until my penis started getting soft every time I want to have sex.
I was having sex with several women in my bullpen about 4 times per week. On top of that I jack off every day. I’m just a freak! Anyway, now my penis isn’t able to get as hard and a couple of my chicks are thinking about bailing on me.
With all of the whacky weather and global warming going on these days it’s hard to know what the forecast is going to be like. The official ones are always wrong. Right now, it’s cool where I stay, but a couple of weeks ago it was in the 90s.

With all of that nice weather, I had to engage in some fun and frolic. One of those activities involved having a water gun fight with some of the neighbor’s kids. We all had some pretty average water guns and were evenly matched. Then another kid from across the street showed up with a giant super-soaker type water gun.
He proceeded to spray us down pretty good for about five minutes and then, thankfully, his water gun malfunctioned. He was in the middle of dousing one of the other kids and all of a sudden the water just stopped coming out. I checked his water gun and one of the plastic pieces within the device had jammed up the sprayer nozzle.
A Little Malfunction

Just as with a malfunctioning water gun, sometimes men can experience a jammed-up penis. That’s because sometimes when a man engages in either too much sex, or too much masturbation (or a combo of both!), he can cause an accumulation of plaque to build up and block the tiny interconnected blood chambers (corpus cavernosum) within the penis shaft.
Other times, if a man uses masturbation movements that are too rough, or perhaps tries sexual positions which bend his penis at unnatural angles, he can likewise cause scar tissue to build-up. This more rigid tissue is tougher and more inflexible than the softer, normal penile tissues, and as time goes on it can begin to block off blood vessels from carrying blood needed to power a hard-on and make the penis more rigid.
In either case, when your penis gets clogged up like our friend’s water gun, it can ruin all the fun play-time to be had, resulting in a big-time buzzkill (and a pissed off lover).
Internal Penis Plunger

Men looking to reverse these unwanted symptoms are reporting great results with powerful botanical concoctions. (TRY: Cnidium for Erection Boosting Capacity) Not only are these good for overall health, but they contain the necessary elements which work in unison with your body to reverse the symptom associated with a soft erection.
These herbs are specially formulated to:

  • Erode those stubborn penile chamber blockages
  • Dissolve scar tissue build-up and recover penile sensitivity
  • Promote testosterone production in order to whip up that sexy-time attitude
  • Boost blood circulation so that Mr. Happy can get nice and hard once again

As you take these potent herbs, make sure that you reduce the amount of masturbation/sex sessions you engage in. 3 or 4 times per week maximum is a good rule of thumb, but no more than that or you can risk reversing all of the progress that you make.
The time is now to reclaim your sex drive and return to feeling like a horny teenager again!

What to do

Cnidium: Helping with Erectile Capacity

Jeff had trouble “spanking the monkey.” He couldn’t

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