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Symptoms of Over-Ejaculation & Testicle Problems Continue to Pester Him

He suffers from a gamut of different symptoms caused by over-masturbation, from premature ejaculation to testicle pain.

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For about a year now, I’ve had testicle pain. I burns from my left testicle down to my legs. Urinating is painful. Sex is painful. Even standing, running, or jumping is painful. Could my years of frequent masturbation be the culprit? Or could my abusive marijuana habits be at fault?


Masturbation is a healthy sign that you still desire sex. However, do it too often can produce serious health risks, including pain, inflammation, and erectile dysfunction. In your case it appears that over-masturbation—collated with Mary Jane—may have caused sexual exhaustion, a common yet serious condition.

Over-ejaculation or over-masturbation causes abrasion to your urethral and prostate ducts. Abrasions to these areas will weaken your ability to hold an ejaculation. Other than abrasions, over-masturbation too can cause a depletion in hormones, which results in impotence, mood swings, and even causes urinary pains.

When you masturbate in excess, the body produces an inflammatory hormone to relax the muscles. The hormone, prostaglandin E-2, relaxes the muscles but it can also inflame the body. Once enough prostaglandin E-2 is produced, the testicles will start to experience pain.

As for your marijuana abuse, the drug injects toxins into your body, slowing down liver production and inhibiting your ability to gain the necessary nutrients from food. If the body cannot extract nutrients, your hormone production will take an addition misstep, resulting in further impotence problems, premature ejaculation issues, and testicular pain.

Fighting The Pain
The pain you feel now will only get worse if you do not refrain from sex or marijuana. Both activities continue to cause you pain. Take break. You can return to sex later—but in much lower frequency. As for marijuana, you may need to give it up completely as it will continue to ruin your liver. Next, look into taking all-natural supplements that help boost immunity, reduce testicular pain, and eliminate toxic waste.

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