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High Level of Agmatine - The Culprit Behind His Erectile Dysfunctions

He is suffering from weak erections and premature ejaculations. He hopes that a urine analysis will shed some light on his problems.

Case #: 348


I love sex. However, I cannot enjoy it any more thanks to my weak erections. When my partner and I attempt to engage in sex, I notice my erections do not stay hard for long. When I do manage to maintain an erection, I prematurely ejaculate. Now, the anxiety is taking over. I’m fearful my partner will leave me for my sexual ineptitude.

Can you tell me anything about my problem form this recent urine test? Here are the results:

Epinephrine (µg/gCr) 8.4 (8 – 12)
Norepinephrine (µg/gCr) 54.6 (35-50)
Dopamine (µg/gCr) 185.5 (110 – 175)
Serotonin (µg/gCr) 108.2 (150 – 200)
Glycine (umol/gCr) 76.5 (200 – 400)
Taurine (umol/gCr) 154.5 (150 – 550)
GABA (umol/gCr) 1.3 (1.5 – 4 .0)
Agmatine (ug/gCr) 3.8 (1-2)
Histamine (ug/gCr) 20.5 (10-20)
Creatinine (mg/dL) 262.5 (N/A)


Your urine results show several red flags: from the high dopamine and norepinephrine levels to the low GABA, Tuarine, and Serotonin levels. I will explain the importance of each chemical and the role each plays in an erection.

For a male to gain and maintain an erection, the body must produce the proper hormones and send the correct signals to the penis. Certain chemicals, i.e., dopamine, norepinephrine, GABA, and Tuarine all help ensure the penis receives ample blood and stimulation to maintain an erection. The problem is high epinephrine, dopamine and histamine levels over-excite your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis, resulting in overproduction of oxytocin, testosterone and DHT. These chemical reactions over-excite the prostate leading to a premature ejaculation.

Your Weakness: Agamtine
High Agmatine levels inhibit the nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in your body. When your Agmatine levels are out of range, inadequate amount of nitric oxide production cannot effectively pump blood into your penis chamber, leading to a flaccid state. Aside from a chemical imbalance, you may too be masturbating too much. Men who over masturbate loose essential neurochemicals needed to power an erection. If that be the case, you may need to refrain from masturbating as often. Take a break, relax, focus on other activities, and take natural herbs to restore the balance of your hormones to fully regain back your erection power and control.

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