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MR. SOFTY – The Costs of Over Masturbation

A gentleman has been having trouble with “Mr. Happy,” which has resulted in a number of issues. How will he address his problems? Read on and find out.

Case #: 568


I had some problems due to over masturbation. Things have slowly gotten better. My premature ejaculation is slowly improving thanks to my relaxing the P.C. muscles during sex; I am even able to get an erection without a problem. My erections stay at a 2 o’clock angle, but I want to improve the angle even more while maintaining as much control of my ejaculations.

Please note: My girlfriend wants sex all the time, almost every day, and I don't know how to say no. What’s worse, I am getting terrible acne breakouts, which are harsh cystic scars. What could be the cause of this acne? Any advice on these two issues would be much appreciated.


Dude, Where’s My Hard-on?

Men. Masturbation. We love engaging in it when we have the time to. Masturbation can relieve some stress from work conditions; it can improve sleep cycle; and it too can be a self-satisfying practice that provides exhilaration from a release. Unfortunately some men, such as yourself, can overdo the activity, which leads to a host of health issues and conditions.

Your angled penis, called Peyronie’s Disease, is caused by rigorous hand movements that damage your penis. Your chronic over masturbation is resulting in an over-reactive prostate, damaged P.C. muscles, and a ruined neuroendocrine function that causes skin breakouts.

Too much fun with “Mr. Happy” is also contributing to the destruction of serotonin and GABA nervous control that result in your inability to get those hard erections. Over masturbation also contributes to an imbalance of your hormonal levels and nutrient supplies that both cause acne breakouts.

You’ve too exhausted both your parasympathetic nervous system and P.C. muscles, causing the ejaculation ducts to produce pre cum or semen leakages. So what can be done for all of this?

How Do I Bring Out That Beast Again?

First, let’s make sure that you’re eating the right foods. What you eat is what you are, right? So staying away from junk foods and highly processed foods will result in an immediate improvement in your physiology. Taking a break from masturbation AND sexual intercourse will give your body the rest it needs to help return it to its natural hormonal levels. I know it may seem hard, but you need to let your parasympathetic nervous system and P.C. muscles recover. Talk to your partner and tell her that you’re on a path to wellness.

One way that you can really get back on the road to recovery is by taking a natural herbal formula (See: Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction). These powerful remedies contain curative properties that boost your blood circulation, HGH and dopamine levels, and repair damaged penile nerves, which will not only allow you to get hard erections again, but also straighten out your penis problems—literally.

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