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Yikes! The Day You Started Leaking – Porn, Masturbation, and Too Much of Both

Here’s a case study involving a 24 yr. recent college graduate who has been over masturbating for a long time and has become addicted to pornography as well. Now his penis is leaking seamen and he has back and testicular pains. Can he break out of this chronic cycle of self-abuse?

Case #: 941


I am 24 year old boy. I started masturbating at the age of 12 or 13 and as I grew older I started doing it more frequently not knowing its ill effects, sometimes I even masturbated 3 times in one day. Apart from masturbating regularly I started watching pornographic films. I have completed my studies and will have to look for work now but I do not know how well I will be able to work because I am facing the following health problems:

Pain in lower back, and testicles sometimes. I feel a headache sometimes. I always feel tired. I have almost stopped masturbating but when I watch adult films semen starts getting discharged from penis and I start feeling even more weak. Will I become fit again? Can you please advise me on proper treatment? I will look forward to your reply thank you.


Going to college can be a great time to learn a great deal of knowledge. It is also a time of stress and anxiety as we all seek to receive the best grades and thereby the best prospects for employment once we graduate and face the real world. Many men such as yourself can engage in masturbation as a way of alleviating the sometimes overwhelming pressure to live up to scholastic expectations others have of us, and/or ones that we have placed on ourselves.

Penis Inferno

Porn can help some people to experience a more pleasurable climax and after a while, they can become addicted to it just as can happen with drugs or alcohol. As one comes to rely more and more on porn in order to facilitate their masturbatory sessions they can slip into a stage of excessive masturbation that not only causes people to objectify sex partners, but also causes physical problems as well.

Did you know that even masturbating once per day is too much? 3 to 4 times per week is normal, but you mentioned multiple times a day which is pretty excessive. What is happening when you over masturbate is that you destabilize your hormonal balance, causing a whole bevy of symptoms and have also triggered an inflammation response by your body producing too much cortisol.

This can cause heightened blood sugar and the weakening of bones, as well as a lowered immune system. Since you body’s natural ability to heal itself is hindered you can’t recover properly and this can lead to being caught up in a downward spiral. In addition to this, your weakened parasympathetic nervous system is resulting in your inability to fully control your seminal fluids.

So what do you do to heal yourself properly?

A Change in Thinking

First, think seriously about getting rid of the porn viewing and lay off of masturbating until your symptoms go away. This will allow your body’s compromised immune system to begin to repair itself and replenish its resources.

If you really want to get serious about healing your body, you should think about taking a healing herbal remedy. (TRY: Exhaustion & Dysfunction Herbal Formula) They contain special properties that can promote the neurochemicals testosterone, DHEA, and DHT, and thereby lower the amount of prostaglandin E-2 which is causing inflammation and back pains. In addition to this they can also lower your out-of-whack hormones, cortisol levels, and re-energize your depleted libido, ending any feelings of exhaustion and getting rid of those pesky headaches. Just remember that when you do return to masturbation, engage in it at a reduced volume so that you don’t slip back into the same cycle of excessive masturbation.

With a little self-discipline and the help of all-natural herbs you can overcome your symptoms and return to a healthy lifestyle.

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