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It doesn't make sense on the surface: masturbation is supposed to relax you, yet hair-loss is supposed to be a sign of severe stress. What is the connection? Read on and get the facts to find out.

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Hello, since the age of 14 I have been masturbating and ejaculating every day, sometimes twice a day. It has now been over 9 years and I have started to experience very severe symptoms. After reading through the site I realized that I needed to stop in order to not suffer from the very severe symptoms. It has now been 2 months and I have suffered from severe hair loss and balding. My hairline has started receding on a daily basis and the change is noticeable every year that passes. From the information I read I think this is due to masturbating too much? What is the solution I need? I am a 23 year old man with very severe hair loss. Please advice.


You may be used to thinking of your body like a machine, which in turn lets you compartmentalize.

No Ordinary Machine

If something's wrong with the air conditioning in your car, that usually doesn't have any affect on your brakes or transmission, right? However, your body is much, much more sophisticated than any man-made machine, and a malfunction in one relatively small part of it can have noticeable, even catastrophic effects in more than other part of your body.

Examine The Connections

Your nerves transmit signals from your senses and your organs to your brain, and other signals back the other way to do things like moving your arm or keep your heart beating. Your bloodstream also has a part to play in keeping your body running properly by ferrying hormones around. Hormones' primary function is as chemical messengers between tissues and as triggers for various activities like bone-growth, tissue regeneration and immune-system response.

The specific hormone responsible for your hair-loss is called dihydrotestosterone (“DHT”). When you're under persistent stress, your body makes more of it to help your heart work more efficiently. The downside is that it attacks your head-hair follicles directly, as well as constricting the blood-vessels in your scalp and starving your hair of nutrients.

Depleted Soil

Producing sperm-cells, prostatic fluid and everything else that makes up your ejaculate consumes nutrients that your body can use elsewhere, such as growing hair. Unless you take in extra amounts of iron, biotin and zinc immediately after every masturbation session, you are starving your hair-follicles. Combine that lack of nutrients with reduced access to blood (for hydration and removing wastes) and it's almost a wonder that your hair doesn't all fall out at once.

Conservation Of Hair

Restoring your hair naturally requires a few behavioral changes. First and foremost: stop masturbating. You don't need to give it up for the rest of your life, but your body needs about three weeks without it for the recovery process to get underway. After three weeks, you can go back to it, but do your very best to limit yourself to no more than once every three or four days to maintain your recovery.

While you're waiting, work off some of that energy by researching improvements to your diet. You can get more iron by eating various meats and certain vegetables like spinach or strawberries. Build up your biotin with servings of Swiss chard or eggs. Recharge your zinc from servings of properly-cooked oysters and whole-grains. Please note that there are hundreds of other possible food-sources of these nutrients, and hundreds of thousands of recipes that use them. Experiment, learn to cook, and you may just find your new favorite foods.

You might also set up a moderate exercise program to build up your testosterone levels, restoring the supplies that your body had been converting to DHT. Bear in mind that exercising too much will divert more and more of the testosterone into maintaining muscle and bone mass. Keeping your health-care provider informed about your activities will get you an expert's opinion on your progress, and help you make whatever necessary adjustments to fit your personal situation.

You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed to address most of the root causes of hair loss. (TRY: Natural Formula for Hair Follicle Regrowth) Constricted blood vessels under the scalp will expand, DHT production will go back down to balanced levels, and the follicles themselves will be stimulated into re-growth, and so on.

As a final note, remember that you've been persistently masturbating for years. Undoing the damage will require care, diligence and patience, but the results will appear in due course.

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