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They Plump When You Stroke ‘Em – Jelqing Your Junk

Here is a gentleman that is experiencing problems maintaining hard erections, and he’s only 42 years old. What can he do to improve his erection quality and overall sex life?

Case #: 1707


My girlfriend and I are ready to start having sex but I am really scared about the size of my penis that I have become ashamed of it. I have gone out looking for the perfect condoms and I was out of the luck, they were all too big. My penis is only 4.3 inches when it is fully erect. I just want to grow so at least she can feel something and it would be even better if I made her moan. I want to be confident about this when we finally have sex and also be able to fit into a condom, it's a shame that I can't find one that fits me. Please advise me if there is anything I can do to grow my penis.


Let’s face it; as a man, the nitty-gritty of fulfilling a woman sexually is very penis-size centric. Yes, having lots of money is attractive to many women. Yes, having muscles and a washboard stomach is considered “hot” by others. And yes, being a bad boy still gets you a lot of tail and trumps being a nice guy (until women get older and start to look for the stable Poindexter types).

But unless you’re in your later years and are committed and married for life (increasingly rare these days), sexual prowess is an integral part of any healthy relationship, and penis power sits front and center. And no; none of this is politically correct but it’s the truth.

A Desperate Search

Men who feel inadequate in the junk-size department may undertake the age-old quest for gaining a couple of inches in order to appear more attractive to women when they drop their undies. Nothing could possibly be more debilitating and damaging to a man’s confidence and ego than taking off his boxers or tighty-whities and be greeted by laughter or a look of disappointment from a perspective sex partner.

Whether it be from being obese, aging and losing testosterone, or even just being chronically stressed out, a reduction in penis size can be dismaying. Men who masturbate excessively can also have shrinkage issues as plaque builds up within their penile blood chambers which normally engorge with blood when aroused. The bottom line here is what can you do in order to make some real gains in penis size, right?

Technique over Tugging

First, if you are masturbating chronically (more than 4 times per week) take a break and slow down your frequency. This will allow your body to begin to heal and recover some of its exhausted sex hormones and neurotransmitters.

One useful technique, when used correctly, can reap penis size improvement over time: Jelqing. This technique can expand the penis by pumping blood filled with nutrients and hormones, into penile tissues, as well as expanding the tiny interconnected chambers which engorge with blood upon arousal. (SEE: Jelqing Technique for Increased Penis Size)

In order to properly use this method, you must adequately prepare your junk by applying some herbal-based lube to it so that it will be less prone to injury. Then, you take your index finger and connect it to your thumb around the base of your penis (or as close as possible if you’re too thick). Begin stroking your member up and outward toward your glans (penis head).

You can even make this “fun therapy” for you and your prospective sex partner by having her perform the hand motions with one or both hands, or have one hand perform the movements while her other one cups your testicles for elevated pleasure. Making out and eye contact can also get your blood pumping. Experiment with it and see what suits you, and after utilizing this technique you can have her blowing out your ear drums with loud moans!

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