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Loving Yourself to Death–The Myriad Consequences of Over-Masturbation

Too much masturbation doesn't just leave you feeling sore.It can have literally dozens of side effects,including fatigue,memory loss,testicle shrinkage and even acne.Learn how chronic masturbation ruined one young man's life,and find out what can be done.



Over masturbation for about 10 years,chronic fatigue,some ear buzzing,memory loss,penis pain,bipolar mood swings,right testicular shrinkage(little to no volume)to about 1/4 of my left,pelvic area feels like it’s on fire a lot,difficulty avoiding porn,migraines,major sleep troubles.Both hypersomnia and insomnia,on and off acne breakouts.


If our bodies were more like computers,life would be so much less complicated.Interestingly,though,there are some similarities.When you constantly masturbate to Internet porn,you put your body at risk for sexual dysfunction in the same way that you put your PC at risk for malware.When a virus hits your computer,it can compromise your personal information,cause the processor to run slowly,scramble your antivirus software,and even subject you to spying.

Meanwhile,your own body is behaving much in the same way,with the chronic fatigue,loss of memory,mood swings,headaches and testicle shrinkage.It's like you've downloaded malware of a different kind,and unfortunately,you can't take your penis to the Geek Squad for repair.

Diagnosing the Malfunction

Unlike malware,which is intentionally spread through Cyberspace,your problems are a mere physical consequence of your own impulses.When you ejaculate constantly,you cause large amounts of testosterone to convert to DHT,an inflammatory hormone.

This hormone causes irritation to the tissue,joints,nerves and glands,including the prostate(which controls your ejaculation).Since DHT is a stress hormone,it can even cause acne breakouts.I mean,talk about a catch 22.We have to masturbate because women are grossed out by our acne breakouts,but we have acne breakouts because we masturbate so much.There's just no way to win.

And if that wasn't enough,you deplete important neurotransmitters like serotonin,dopamine and GABA,which are lost through ejaculation.This can impact your brain function,leading to mood swings,memory loss and a slew of other cognitive glitches.When it seems like every physical and mental function is performing at 40 percent,it's time to start reevaluating things.

Restoring the Hardware

First and foremost,I would recommend speaking to a professional counselor or seeking a support group for your pornography compulsion.Any other remedies are going to be extremely ineffective as long as you continue to treat your penis like a pinata.Get the masturbation under control,and try an herbal remedy formulated for sexual exhaustion.

For best results,you'll need herbs like Alisma Plantago,Fo-Ti,Ginkgo and Rehmannia,which work to block the overproduction of DHT and restore balance to key hormones and neurotransmitters.(TRY:Natural Solution for Sexual Exhaustion)You should begin to feel some sense of normalcy again with 2 to 3 months,assuming that you get the masturbation problem under control.Be patient,though.You've been overdoing it for 10 years,and depending on the amount of damage that you've caused,the healing may take some time.

What to do

Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion&Dysfunction

Sexual exhaustion caused by over masturbation or ejaculation resulted in devastating effect of chronic overexposure of cortisol.Prolonged cortisol elevations result in suppression of immune system,sustained elevations of blood sugar,substantial...

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