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Can’t Hold Back – Early Ejaculation Caused By Anti-Depressants

Let’s check out this interesting case study involving a gentleman who has been taking prescribed anti-depressants which has, unfortunately, resulted in early ejaculations. How can we help this military veteran?

Case #: 1381


After 25 years of marriage, I still love my husband. He’s my rock and my savior on multiple occasions. And while our marriage is great, he has suffered from depression. In the 90s, my husband served as a former sergeant for the army. He fought in the Gulf War and did a few tours. When he initially came back, he seemed ok. As the months went on, he showcased classic signs of depression and PTSD. And now, his depression emerges from the shadows every now and again. And because of the medicine, I too notice his endurance levels decline. Is there anything he can do?


War and military life in general is often glamorized by Hollywood. We are constantly pummeled with images of men carrying machineguns and mowing down entire platoons of the enemy, or flying around in jets and engaged in combat with enemy planes. It’s real glossed over stuff that rarely captures what it’s really like.

Man Down

During my time in the military (Army like your husband) I saw guys who I thought were really strong break down, and very erratic behavior by others. But the most tragic I’d say, at least because you don’t expect it, is when people return back to the home front and although they might not even have any physical wounds there are some severe issues going on in their minds. The things that we can be exposed to aren’t natural to the human senses and many of us don’t seek help until things get really bad since we don’t want to be viewed as defective while on Active Duty.

As a result of this psychological trauma, veterans naturally seek out medication in the form of Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and other anti-depressants, in the hopes of getting better. Unfortunately, anti-depressants are well known to cause sexual dysfunctions; in your husband’s case premature ejaculation.

What’s happening is that these drugs are causing his stress hormones to spike upwards causing an accelerated reaction in his prostate, which then interfere with his parasympathetic nervous system impulses from reaching his prostate from his brain. Because these impulses are too weak by the time they reach his prostate, they are unable to control the muscles that hold back his ejaculation resulting in early ejaculations and probably not much fun for your sex life. But there is hope...


If he is engaging in too much sexual activity, one of the ways that he can help to heal is by reducing either your sex together or his masturbatory habits to a maximum of 3 days per week. This can help to let his body replenish its resources and work on repairing his parasympathetic nervous system.

Sometimes calling in reinforcements can help a body that is too weakened to heal itself, and this can be done through natural herbal formulas. These can help to naturally calm his stress levels, and most importantly to boost neurotransmitters that in turn repair and strengthen ejaculatory nerves. (TRY: Natural Formula for Nerve Calming Based Prematurea Ejaculation) These botanicals are tailor made for people who are experiencing side-effects from anti-depressants and can also increase testosterone and nitric oxide production which leads to a stronger desire for sex. Indeed, the only side effect from these natural formulas will be a return of control over his sex life.

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