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All Pain, No Gain – The Dangers of Penis Exercises

Are penis exercises actually safe? The answer may surprise you. Learn one guy's woeful tale of penis leakage and persistent pain, and find out the solution.

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I was wondering can kegels exercises cause any permanent damage to your penis? About six months ago I did them because I had erection problems and that created pain in my penis. Since, then I have been using herbal products and a lot of pain has gone away but when you squeeze there is still some pain and also when I get excited I ejaculate. I read on the site that those exercises can damage the nerves in the penis and I figure it will probably take a little more than year to heal the nerves. I was just wondering is there any permanent damage done to the penis that products won't heal?


There is some controversy and confusion that surrounds Kegel exercises. On the one hand, they're shown to promote improved erectile function and even improved urinary control, but on the other hand, they can definitely be problematic when done in excess.

The problem is that guys tend to get carried away. Let's say, for instance, that you're planning to cook a lasagna in the oven. The recipe says to cook it at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. But you think to yourself, “Hey, if I cook it at 700 degrees, it will be done twice as fast.” Thirty minutes later, you're left with a black charcoal lasagna that even Chef Boyardee would find disgusting.

When you go overboard with the Kegel exercises, or any penis exercises for that matter, you risk burning your lasagna. You assume that if 10 minutes a day is helpful, then 30 minutes a day must be phenomenal. Therein lies the problem. More exercise does not equal faster results. Even when you work out at the gym, what happens if you over-exert a particular muscle group? Not only do you not see the results you're looking for, but you can actually cause permanent damage to the very muscles you're trying to build.

Kegel What Now?

For those who are scratching their heads and wondering what exactly a Kegel exercise actually is, it's pretty simple. It involves holding and releasing the PC muscle (located along the pelvic floor) for repeated intervals in order to strengthen the muscle. With careful moderation, this has been shown to improve urinary, erectile and ejaculatory function. But again, you don't want to go overboard.

Why Your Penis Feels Like It's Been in a Tyson Fight

Abusive penis exercises can rupture the sensitive tissue along your reproductive system and even contribute to nerve damage. Symptoms may include persistent penis pain, weaker erections and penis leakage. One day you're trying to achieve stronger erections, and the next day you're just trying to make it to work without limping. The good news is that the damage doesn't have to be permanent. There are a number of herbal ingredients, like Deer Antler, Sarsaprilla Jamaican, Cuscuta and Rehmannia, which have been shown to repair nerves and tissue, and even restore hormone balance. (SEE: Damage Repair for Penile Injuries) Just remember to keep the exercises to a minimum. The last thing we need is another penis-oven metaphor.

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