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Adding Swedish Flower Pollen to the Prostate Formula

He has questions about the effectiveness of Swedish Flower Pollen to treat prostate problems. List of prostate foods and herbs included

Case #: 44244


Well, it's been one month on taking the product recommended by Advanced Botanical Rejuvenation & Detox Formula For Prostate solution. I used to have prostate pain during ejaculation. Now it feels great without orgasmic pains and prostate discomforts. I started to have morning erection now. I also like to try other herbs such as Swedish Flower Pollen and Tribulus. I heard Swedish Flower Pollen is good for prostate health, urinary flow, and orgasmic ropes.


Swedish flower pollen promotes healthy urine flow and helps maintain normal prostate cell function. It’s a good idea to add it to your herbal regimen. But you might take extra caution on Tribulus Terrestris, since it is a pituitary stimulator. The safe allowable dosage for Tribulus is 200 mg within 16 hours. The safe dosage range is based on animal data, your body can endure more if you have a healthy liver and more belly fats to store them temporary.

The small dosage in each meal won't produce a transient response in the pituitary function, but keeps the pituitary-testicular (ovarian) axis active when work stress is high. Testicular or ovarian function tends to slow down as work stress increases. Tribulus is a popular herb and is not necessary to take more than your body can process them beneficially.

Check out Foods & Herbs Good For Prostate listed in our site to see which foods to eat or avoid that would benefit your prostate. If you are experiencing chronic prostate inflammation, try Prostate Massage - Immedate Prostate Pain Relief which might help you to reduce the prostate pus that press against your sexual nerves during ejaculation.

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