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Crystal Meth Messed Up His Parasympathetic Nerves

We are trying the Start & Stop method in a slightly different approach. We are trying a thing where I have sex with her, but as soon as I have to come I stop for the night.

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I ejaculate too quickly, possibly due to overdoing it on crystal meth and ecstasy when I was younger. My girlfriend is being supportive and trying to help me fix this problem. We are trying the Start & Stop method in a slightly different approach. We are trying a thing where I have sex with her, but as soon as I have to cum I just stop for the night. It’s kinda wacky, but it seemed to work in the beginning, but not for the last few weeks. I read that because I took street drugs at a young age I could have permanently damaged my penis. I know that PE is pretty common, but is there damage I could be unaware of, and can I reverse the problem?


Absolutely, taking illegal recreational drugs can cause weak erections, impotence, plus hinder sperm and testosterone production. The toxic chemicals from crystal meth and ecstasy are neuro-toxins that can damage your brain and trigger inflammation in the arteries and block blood circulation to the penis.

Interesting that you are using the Stop & Start Method, it is a good beginner’s technique for premature ejaculation. But it sounds like it may not be powerful enough for you. It does not help you rejuvenate or repair the damaged parasympathetic nerves you seem to be suffering from. Try Taoist's Natural Ejaculation Control Technique instead. While it’s more appropriate to your situation, it may also be more difficult to master (in the beginning, anyway). This technique can rejuvenate and repair your damaged parasympathetic sexual nerves and increase the function of your liver to expel those nasty toxins out of your body.

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