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The Incredibly Shrinking Penis – Over masturbation and Penile Shrinkage

This case study involves a man who has been masturbating too much and is now experiencing a shrinking member. How can he not only halt this unwanted symptom, but reverse it?

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I wrote you before several years ago. Can you please tell me the reason for a shrinking penis? When it is erect it is six inches or more, but in rest position it is one to two inches. What could possibly account for this? Also, when I ejaculate, it is not shooting out like I used to, but it is coming out slowly and not as much as before. Is this due to age? I do not do any kind of street drugs or drink alcohol.


I’m sure that you’ve heard that saying “Use it or lose it” before. In some cases this saying can be true; such as if you don’t exercise certain muscles (your biceps for instance), they will eventually become weaker and you’ll lose muscle tone.

Too Much Fun

However, when it comes to masturbation it’s more of a “Use it and lose it” scenario in that if you engage in too much of it you can temporarily lose much of your sexual endurance and libido. Just about everyone loves to have a little fun with themselves from time to time, it’s just that when one is constantly masturbating without giving themselves adequate amounts of rest in between sessions that trouble can arise.

Let’s break down exactly what happening to you every time you play with Mr. Happy without enough rest. Each time that you become aroused, neurochemicals travel down tiny neural pathways from your brain to your reproductive system. From there, androgen hormones are released causing your local blood supply to become mobilized and engorge the interconnected blood chambers and sponge-like tissues within your penis (corpus cavernosum), creating got it; erection.

This process isn’t effortless, it’s a full-on workout each and every time that your get a stiffy downstairs, one that expends tremendous amounts of energy. Not only that, but it also weakens your liver function, resulting in it not being able to metabolize and process nutrients used for the production of androgen hormones. Eventually, the depletion of growth hormones in addition to the accumulation of plaque build-up can cause penile shrinkage. If that weren’t enough, you are correct in that age can also play a role in the reduction of your penis size over time. So how do you halt and reverse this unwanted process?

Easing Off

Since your body is sexually exhausted, easing up on your masturbatory cycles can help you to start to recover. Try masturbating only 3 or 4 times a week and you should start to see some progress as far as your energy levels returning.

You might need some addition help in order to really affect positive change and that’s where taking an herbal remedy can greatly help to move things along. These powerful botanical mixtures combined with ancient penile massage techniques can erode the plaque build-up and scar tissue which is preventing you from having a larger penis. (TRY: Herbal Nourishing Remedy for Bigger Penis) They can also naturally replenish your acetylcholine, testosterone, DHT, DHEA levels, and growth factors that are essential to keeping your penile tissues healthy.

It may not happen overnight, but with some patience and discipline you can experience having a larger penis once again, and prevent future shrinkage as you get older. Just remember to reduce the amount of masturbatory sessions per week in order to complete the change.

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