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The Difference Between Intercourse and Masturbation and Why PE Seems Exclusive to Intercourse

When I masturbate, I can control my orgasm, but when I am having sex, I have no control and I tend to ejaculate quickly. Also during sex, I sometimes cannot get a full erection, and in some cases no erection what so ever.

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When I masturbate, I can control my orgasm. But when I am having sex, I have no control and I tend to ejaculate quickly. Also during sex, I sometimes cannot get a full erection and in some cases, no erection whatsoever. Is there anything I can do to help me overcome these problems?


Masturbation is self-manipulation that does not have bioelectric interaction with another body, while intercourse is not only the interaction of two physical bodies, but also the coupling of two bioelectric fields (souls). Her bioelectric field in her mouth and vagina/uterus can heat up yours. It seems that your problem results from a weak erection due to over-ejaculation or over-masturbation. This problem can be easily corrected by doing Tao’s Ejaculation Control Technique.

The bioelectric interaction of a couple making love associates with the brain/nervous system as follows:

1. If your brain is in the sympathetic mood, that is, the sympathetic nervous function overrides the parasympathetic. Her bioelectric field will supercharge your sympathetic nervous function for the execution of the unconscious "Fight or Flight" (Erection Withdrawal or Ejaculation) command. In the sympathetic mood, you will feel overexcited and your blood pressure skyrockets.

This is one of the reasons causing PE problems. The solution to this problem is to boost the parasympathetic function (erection driver) by taking herbs from the Herbal Pills For Sperm Preservation & Premature Ejaculation to sedate the sympathetic function (orgasm or ejaculation driver), which is formulated to power the brain's Parasympathetic (Acetylchonline) and Serotonin systems to balance out the brain's sympathetic (Dopamin) system. This product will let the vaginal/uterine bioelectric field charge the penile/prostate parasympathetic nerves, but sedate the sympathetic nerves for prolonging sex. This product can solve the problem of premature ejaculation upon penetration.

2. If both your parasympathetic and sympathetic functions are strong and balanced, you will have a hard erection but cum too quickly, sometimes even upon penetration. Tao’s Ejaculation Control Technique can fix this.

3. If both the parasympathetic and sympathetic functions are weak, the premature ejaculation problem is a result of a weak erection. This is the main problem of men over thirty or those with a long history of over-ejaculation, over-masturbation, using drugs, smoking and drinking. With a weak erection, he will contract his PC muscle to stimulate his prostate for erection assistance. Once he does so, he activates his prostate's ejaculation control valve for ejaculation. In this case, the Herbal Pills For Sperm Preservation & Premature Ejaculation is required to solve the problem.

4. If you have a powerful parasympathetic function during sex and a calm sympathetic function, intercourse will result in natural penile ballooning or enlargement by supercharging your parasympathetic battery with her sexual energy. The more sex you have with women, the stronger you will become. Intercourse increases energy and prevents sickness, and also helps build muscles.

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