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The Incredible Shrinking Penis – And the Role of Prostate Medication

It's every man's worst fear: your penis starts to shrink, and it loses that certain spring in its step. What happened? Hear one man's story, and find out how common medications may be to blame.

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I have used prostate medication topically for a long time and now I feel my penis shrunk and is not strong like before. I think it's smaller if compared to times when I didn't use those drugs. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help my situation. Thank you very much for your help.


There are 5 things that no man ever wants to see shrink in size. Number 5 is his bank account, number 4 is his girlfriend's breasts, number 3 is his penis, number 2 is his penis, and number 1 is his penis.

So believe me when I say that I feel your pain, and I'm sure that men everywhere can sympathize. There are numerous causes for penis shrinkage, but common prostate medications—reductase inhibitors specifically—can often to be to blame.

Reductase inhibitors work to destroy production of the enzyme liver 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme is extremely important to keep in good supply, because it regulates the conversion of testosterone into DHT. You need plenty of DHT, because it's a key hormone for penile health. Without it, your penile tissue becomes rigid and inflexible. So in summation, reductase inhibitors eliminate 5-alpha reductase, which then slows the production of DHT, which then weakens your penis. It's one nasty domino effect.

Jump Start That Motor

If your car stops running because you're out of gas, what do you do? Assuming you understand how an automobile runs, you fill up the tank. Then, sure enough, that engine is ready to purr once again.

Your reproductive system works similarly. If your DHT levels are causing your penis to shrink to the size of an M&M, you're going to need a boost of DHT. Well, actually, you're first going to need to lay off the prostate medication.

There are better solutions available for an enlarged prostate, but I'll get to that in a minute. The important thing is that you ditch the harmful medications and allow your body some time to heal. If you masturbate regularly, I would advise taking a break from that also, as over-masturbation can inflame the prostate.

The Solution – TLC for Your DHT

This is a twofold problem: you're taking medication because of an enlarged prostate, but your prostate medication is destroying your sexual function. The solution, then, is to kill two birds with one stone.

I would recommend an herbal remedy that treats prostate inflammation while also balancing DHT levels. That way, your penile health will improve, and your prostatitis will subside as well. To achieve this end, you're going to want a botanical solution (SEE: Botanical Prostate Rejuvenation & Detox For Erectile Problems) that contains a combination of Ophiopogon, Rehmannia, Patrinia Herb, Cnidium and Dianthus.

Say goodbye to the harmful prostate medications, and say hello to your old friend between your legs.

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11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
Could this have happened due to having prostate problems that were damaging the area by pushing up against it? I know that urinary problems occur when the prostate pushes against the bladder. I am wondering if this could have been something similar.

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