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Learn About Prostatitis and Salvage Your Sex Life

My erections have weakened and my endurance levels have disappeared due to prostatitis

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I am experiencing a case of Prostatitis. For months now, I have seen my sex life decline. My erections have weakened and my endurance levels have disappeared. My lack of sexual endurance and ability has irked my wife. Please, help me!


About the size of a walnut, the prostate produces semen and the alkaline fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. When inflamed, the organ causes painful urination and orgasms, while inflaming the pelvic and groin areas. Doctors refer to this inflammation as Prostatitis, which can lead to weak erections and impotence.

Causes of Prostatitis
The acute, bacterial version of this problem starts when bacteria-ridden urine leaks into the prostate. The chronic bacterial version occurs when treatment cannot eliminate bacteria. As for non-bacterial Prostatitis, immune or nervous system disorders, such as HIV/AIDS infection, can lead to the problem.

Other related causes for Prostatitis include injury from aggressive horseback riding, dehydration, stress, urinary catheter use and unprotected sex.

Erectile-Related Problem
Excessive sex, masturbation, age and poor diet can elevate the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) that leads to Prostatitis. In your current state, Prostatitis levels remain high because of DHT, a byproduct produced by the body.

When your DHT levels remain high, your body cannot stop the inflammation of the prostate. In response, your body experiences lower nitric oxide levels that hinder you from experiencing a proper erection.

Taking an herbal supplement designed to heal and shrink the prostate is an effective solution. The Botanical Prostate Rejuvenation & Detox for Erectile Problems can serve as the necessary solution for your current state of affairs.

Thanks to ingredients such as Ophiopogon and Rehmannia, the body can experience a reduction of DHT production to shrink the prostate and improve erectile capacity. While other ingredients such as Cnidium and Quercetin help improve the health of the prostate and penile nerve endings.

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