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SYMBOLS OF SEX – Problems Related to Youth Impotence

Let’s check out this interesting case involving a young man who has been experiencing issues with getting hard erections. As a result, the pressure is mounting on him to be able to perform, causing problems between him and his significant other. Is there a quick-fix? Read on and let’s find out.

Case #: 561


I am having erection trouble. I can achieve an erection, however, it isn't hard enough for intercourse. Sometimes when I am with my partner, I will lose my erection before we are able to make love. I suspect performance anxiety is one of the problems along with lack of sleep and also stress.

I am very concerned. I am only 25 years old and feel that I am too young to have sexual problems. The harder I try to achieve an erection, the less success I have. My girlfriend understands, but her patience is running thin. My problem is becoming a major issue in our relationship.

I fear that I will lose someone that I dearly love. Also, I am not currently taking any over-the-counter or prescription drug and have no serious or chronic medical condition other than the previously mentioned sexual problems. I am 25, otherwise healthy and not overweight.


Utopian Dreams

You’ve seen them; gigantic billboards suspended high above you as you walk down the street. Splashed across them are flashy images of some young male or another with half of his clothes off, or sometimes even no clothes at all, with the bottom of the ad cutting off strategically at where his penis should be. Sexy.

Enticing. Primal. Men, especially young ones, are in many cases portrayed in advertising as hot young virile stallions. And you can’t escape them. These ads are everywhere; at work, as you’re driving or walking down the street, on TV, at the movies, etc. If you don’t measure up to these over sexualized icons as a young man, then there must be something wrong with you, right?

Wrong. What’s fed to us is that this is a great world and everything is within your grasp, especially as a young man. If you want it, you can simply just go out and get it. Unfortunately, the reality is really quite different. Today’s society is a very tough and uncompromising place for a young man trying to find his place in the world. Trying to achieve or maintain excellent grades in college, starting a brand new career, starting or developing a potential partner with whom to face the world with.

All of these life stressors, combined with sexual inexperience can have a detrimental effect on your sex drive, and also cause you to toss and turn at night, worrying about your next steps in life. Your continued inability to get things going in the bedroom is only contributing to the problem; reinforcing the vicious cycle over and over. How do you get out of this spiral? The answers are actually quite simple, so read on…

Getting You Back into Your Sexual Prime

Yes, young men such as you in your 20s, and even men in their 30s, are at their sexual peaks. Some ways that you can alleviate the natural performance jitters that you’re experiencing is to take a break from sexual activity for a short period.

Take three weeks off to calm your mind. This time away will greatly reduce the anxiety and pressure from sexual performance issues and make you excited to have sexy-time with your partner again. And when you do return, let things unfold naturally; don’t put a forced time-table as to when you must have intercourse. You’re already doing the right thing by talking to your partner about this issue, so she’ll probably understand and be relieved.

Taking a powerful botanical supplement (such as Botanical Formula For Erection Rejuvenation) can also stimulate the production of your body’s nitric oxide, as well as naturally increase your blood flow, which in turn will enable you to get those rock hard erections again. In addition, these herbal formulas are all natural, so there is no risk or drawbacks to your health.

So let’s get you back on track and swinging for the fences again. And remember, those billboards are big and wide, but they’re also quite thin; lacking depth. You just be you.

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