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Burning Love – When Ejaculation Becomes Painful

Prostatitis can make your life very difficult. From painful ejaculation to urinary incontinence, weak erections to sore testicles, the symptoms can be overwhelming. Have you experienced any of these symptoms? You may already have the condition. Learn what you can do.

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I am hoping you can help me with a problem I have had for the past 18 months. I originally went to doctors for what I thought was an STD. However, after several tests everything came back "normal." My doctors are telling me I have prostatitis. My symptoms are frequent urination, unable to completely empty my bladder, urine leakage after I urinate, pain in the testicles, head of my penis and sometimes the rectum.

My more severe symptoms, which the doctors cannot explain, are: severe burning during/after ejaculation, the tip of my penis gets VERY red and itchy, I get a pinching feeling at the tip as well as a prickly/tingling sensation around the head of my penis. I once had a bloody ejaculation but never again.

My ejaculation is not as strong, nor are my erections. The doctors think that my semen may be too acidic and that is what is causing the burning and redness around the tip opening. Can you tell me if my symptoms can be from acidic semen and if there is anything I can do to cure this? My sex life is nonexistent because I do not want to feel the pain and burning, and for the past 18 months I have become severely depressed. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


“Acidic semen” sounds like a pretty terrifying condition, but the truth is, all semen is acidic. Your specific symptoms are all related to prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate. The soreness, the painful ejaculation, the urinary incontinence...they all point back to the same underlying problem.

You see, your prostate sits at the core of your reproductive system. It's responsible for creating and releasing most of the liquid that makes up your semen, so if it breaks down, it's going to cause a painful chain reaction that invades every aspect of your sexual health, from your erection size to your ejaculation quality. The prostate also…

Urinary Problems

But wait, there's more. An inflamed prostate can even stand in the way of healthy urination. That's right. When the prostate expands, it can constrict the urethra, making it difficult to urinate, or causing you to constantly feel like you have to pee. You may sit on the toilet for hours lamenting the painful slow drip of your urine, or you may find yourself getting up to relieve yourself several times during the night. Does any of this sound familiar? Your prostate may be trying to tell you something.

The Sex Factor

Prostatitis has multiple causes, and I don't know your specific issue, but I have found that in the vast majority of cases, prostatitis in healthy young people can be linked to one specific activity: over-masturbation.

Think about the last time you shouted for a long period of time. Maybe it was at a sporting event, at a concert, or even at a loved one who just got on your nerves. What happened afterward? You wore out your vocal cords and lost your voice. Believe it or not, your prostate works similarly. If you constantly abuse it with nonstop sex and masturbation, it's going to be forced to work overtime, and you're going to wear it out.

Making Peace with your Tired Prostate

But whether your condition is caused by too much hanky panky or a simple bacterial infection, there are remedies available. For starters, give your prostate a break. Take a sabbatical from sexual activity until your sexual organs start to feel normal again.

Also, you can speed things along with a healthy herbal remedy. Look for botanical solutions that contain ashwagandha, cuscuta, dianthus, lycopene and other herbs that promote healthy prostate function. Before you know it, you'll feel like a virile teenager again.

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