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Getting All Steamy – A Puny Penis and Lack of Libido

A middle-aged man’s once impressive member is now withering like an old vine. What’s going on here and can he reverse things before his wee-wee ends up looking like a toddler’s?

Case #: 1854


I turned 54 today, and as I blew out the candles, I made one wish: “God, please return my penis back to its original size.” Over the last decade, I’ve noticed my penis decrease. In total, I’ve lost 1.5 inches over the last 10 years. When I was 43, I measured around 6.7 inches. Now with age, I’ve seen my penis become smaller and smaller. I fear that I’ll wind up looking like my 10-month old grandson. I am in great shape and take no medications. What’s causing my problem?


Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by trains. Electric, diesel, and especially those old steam powered ones that we’ve all seen in those old cowboy films. Fortunately for me, I recently had the opportunity to actually see one of those steam engines in person, and jumping up onto it (and into its interior), I must have resembled a little boy bouncing around on a jungle gym.

One thing that I noticed was the sheer grandness of the thing; it was truly massive! I could imagine how much energy would have to be generated in order to power such a gigantic beast. Using water and coal for fuel, high-pressure steam would flood into a cylinder containing a piston, while exhaust steam would be forced out through a smoke stack, belching forth puffy clouds of black, gray, and white steam. That is what provided forward locomotion for these mammoth iron engines.

Where’s My Steam?

Now think of you libido as once a massive locomotive, and your body’s supply of androgen hormones as the water and coal which power your erections. Let’s say that as your engine gets older, its ability to convert the fuel source into steam power diminishes, just how all machines eventually start to deteriorate and break down. Now you have less energy to get some point A to point B, and your locomotive (libido) is much weaker and slower. Now, barely any steam comes out of its smoke stack at all.

This is what happens to your penis; the androgen hormones which normally power your sex drive have diminished and over time that has caused penis shrinkage. So what can you do to reverse this unwanted trend?

Who Would Have Thought?

Let’s look at a few foods that can provide fuel for your boiler in order to re-charge your libido...(SEE: How Age Affects Your Size)

Oysters have long been considered the #1 aphrodisiac since time immemorial, and for good reason. They contain loads of zinc which aids both sperm production (for some truly explosive results) and stimulate testosterone production, which in in turn powered your sex drive.

It’s more than a coincidence that Asparagus is shaped the way it is; these tasty veggies are jam-packed with vitamin B and histamine, which are both vital in powering a person’s libido. Try some with some extra virgin olive oil and a little salt. Yum!

Good ol’ red meat. A nice medium rare steak is just bursting at the seams with zinc, which can cause your sex drive to go into overdrive. Just make sure you’re near a bed or couch with your partner after eating a couple of these, unless you end up attacking each other in the car.

These are just a few suggestions. Do some research and play around with your foods, you might be overlooking sex-powered foods and might not have even known it!

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