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The Case of the Missing Testosterone

Years of compulsive masturbation caused his testosterone level to drop faster than a skydiver over a vacant field.The worst part?He was only 37.If this narrative sounds familiar to you,learn what you can do about the hormone loss and the painful symptoms that follow it.



I am 37 years old.I masturbated almost daily since I was about 24 and sometimes twice a day.About a year and a half ago I noticed a slight drop in sex drive.My erections were a little weaker.I thought maybe I was masturbating too much for my age.

Then about a year ago,I noticed my muscles started to cramp,even though I was in shape.I always had good ejaculation control and suddenly I was having trouble.

Then about four months ago,everything rapidly fell apart.My libido disappeared,my muscles were aching,my testicles were aching/burning.My testosterone is low and my family doctor started me on hormone replacement 3 weeks ago,but nothing yet.I just got tested for STD's since they can cause testicle failure.

If the STD's come back negative,maybe it was the years of masturbation.What do you suggest?


Sexual exhaustion is the vile offspring of over-masturbation.It starts off simple,maybe a bit of chaffing or occasional soreness.Before you know it,the penis pain becomes more apparent,and your erections seem a bit softer than they once did.As if that's not bad enough,you eventually lose the ability to hold your ejaculation for longer than a few minutes(or even a few seconds).

Your penis exhibits strange curvature,your vision turns blurry,and you become eclipsed by chronic fatigue.It almost seems as though an evil witch has placed a curse on you,but most witches don't care how often you masturbate,so the real cause is more likely physical in nature.

Sexual Exhaustion–Blame It on an Overzealous Right Hand

Constant semen release causes you to deplete important cerbrospinal fluid.I bet you didn't realize that your semen consisted of far more than just white milky liquid and microscopic sperm cells.In fact,it's chock full of hormones and neurotransmitters,and sadly,these chemicals are not in infinite supply.

When you deplete critical hormones like Protaglandin E-1,DHEA and testosterone,you exhaust your seminal/sperm production,leading to testicular failure.There are some phrases a guy never wants to hear,and“testicular failure”is definitely one of them.In fact,from now on,I'm going to refer to it simply as“the dangling sadness.”

Your pain,burning and cramping are the result of this dangling sadness,but your weak erections are more likely caused by nerve and tissue damage,which leads to impaired blood flow to the penis.Over-masturbation can also cause plaque to build up in the arteries,so to put it simply,the pipes are clogged.And if that wasn't enough bad news for you,your hormonal imbalance causes inflammation of the prostate,a direct contributor to premature ejaculation.Unfortunately,Hallmark just doesn't make a card for what you're experiencing,but there is good news(believe it or not).

Curing the Dangling Sadness

So we've painted a pretty bleak picture here.The pain,the weak erections,the ejaculatory issues,the fact that Congress is still in office...but when it comes to sexual dysfunction,you can usually reverse the damage.It just requires a bit of self-discipline(okay,I guess we weren't finished with the bad news after all).That's right.You're going to have to cut back on the masturbation.Based on your current routine,that might mean an 80 percent reduction.Yikes.It's just a sad reality that all of the most pleasurable things will do us harm if not exercised in moderation.

Finally,I would recommend an herbal remedy to improve your testosterone level.The potent phyto-molecules found in herbs like Cistanche,Epimedium and Sarsaparilla Jamaican will help you to restore lost testosterone and nitric oxide while improving overall reproductive function.(TRY:Male Orgasm Rejuvenation Formula)So yes,I'm asking you to improve your sexual function even as you cut back on it.Gotta love the cruel ironies of life.

What to do

Orgasm Disorder Herbal Remedy For Men

This formula focuses on helping men who suffer from an inability to reach orgasm by delivering energy,blood flow,and nutrients to the lower abdomen and groin area.Development of this formula has benefited from ongoing research at AmeriCare...

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