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Broken-Penis Syndrome: The Damage Young Men Cause to Their Bodies for Penis Enlargement

espite choosing to use milking exercises in the name of building up his erection, he has wisely heeded the warnings to stop when visible injuries appear. Has he done permanent damage? Can he repair his penis, let alone achieve the larger size he desires? Read on, get the facts and find out!
Case #: 1589

Well, my problem is that I have a 6 inch penis and I would like it to be bigger. I have been reading some information on the site and there are a lot of different methods of enlarging the penis. Right now I have been doing the milking technique but it has only caused bruising around my penis. I have stopped because I don't want it to get worse. Have I damaged my penis? Will I still be able to grow?

Very few humans are able to resist the logic asserting that “if I have this much of something, then having more would be better”. And when it comes to penis-size, there is a certain amount of justification to this, if for no other reason than pleasing our sex-partners. However, there are many, many wrong ways and only a few right ways to achieve the goal. Taking the wrong way may show no results, or may even result in shrinking your erection. Let's take a look at how erections really work to learn the secret of distinguishing between the two.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: A young man tries to “milk” his penis, but he overdid it and now he suffers from severe penis injuries and penis shrinkage. How can he reverse the damage, grow his penis and become a man again? For more help on these issues, leave your comments for the experts below.
Your Solution: Penile Injury & Nerve Damage Repair For Penis Numbness
Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview
The Basic Plan

The “solid” part of your erection is actually three tubes, made up of spongy tissue that gets filled with blood at high enough pressure to make them solid. Most of your erection is formed by the left and right corpus cavernosum, while your urethra is protected by a hollow tube called the corpus spongiosum to let semen ejaculate freely. But what makes your erection start in the first place? You may be tempted to say that it comes from sexual stimulation, but what actually matters from the perspective of your body is a combination of signals from your neural networks and your hormones. It is these signals, and not “merely” the presence of extra blood in your erection, that is the key to lasting and healthy penis growth.
Possible Complications

If you try to force extra blood into your penis through various exercises, using penis pumps or even surgery, you may do more harm than good. Your penile tissues need the boosted hormone levels to support erections in the first place, and their involvement is crucial to the success of any attempt to enlarge your penis. Prostaglandin E-1, for example, helps your skin retain its ability to “snap back” after it has been stretched, such as your penis becoming erect. Aside from fueling your erections, you need extra testosterone to grow new tissue or repair damage to existing tissue. And so on.
The bruises came about because the particular technique you employed worked from the outside in, and by definition did not include boosting your hormone levels.
Getting Back On Track

Your penis can recover, but there will be a price. The first item on the bill for penis recovery is time. You will need to let your penis rest for about three weeks, with no ejaculations if possible, or reducing the frequency to no more often than once every three or four days. You should also increase your zinc and B-vitamin intake, as these nutrients are crucial for tissue repair. Properly-prepared seafood, especially oysters, lobsters and crabs are an excellent source for both nutrients. Lean meats and toasted wheat germ are good sources for zinc, while whole grains and dairy products will provide a good range of B-vitamins. Please feel free to experiment with new foods as you research the nutrient content; who knows, you may find some new favorites.
A moderate exercise program will help boost your testosterone levels, as well as your stamina and self-esteem. Keep your health-care provider informed about what has happened to your penis, as well as what you're doing to help recover.
Last but far from least, you should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to help your body recover from injuries to the penis. There are at least two recommended formulae for you to choose from, depending on whether you wish to focus on repairing penis damage or emphasizing growth. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Damage & Injury Relief) Please note that both of these solutions will help you recover, but your health-care provider's expert opinion will help you make an informed decision about which one you should take first, or whether you can safely take both at once.

Treat your penis with respect, give it time to recover fully, and follow your health-care provider's advice on your personal recovery regimen. The results you desire will appear as a reward for patience as well as diligence. Good luck!

What to do

Penile Injury & Nerve Damage Repair For Penis Numbness

Penis numbness, inhibited ejaculation, and delayed orgasm disorder are often caused by penile nerve ending damage. If you suffer from penile pain, numbness or burising, try this solution.

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