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Sexual Exhaustion Resulted in Chronic Prostatitis

A 34 year-old doctor suffers from chronic prostatitis as a result of sexual exhaustion.

Case #: 353


I am an Italian doctor and have chronic prostatitis. The discomfort and pain of my prostate flared up cyclically and especially after masturbation or making love. Over the past several months, I’ve noticed my symptoms worsen. I started having problems urinating. Now, urinary problems are the least of my concern: premature ejaculations and constant urinary pains assail my body. What are your take in this?


It seems you have a common case of Prostatits, an inflammatory condition of the prostate gland. Prostatits often causes urinary problems, weak erections, and premature ejaculation issues in men. Most men can typically alleviate the symptoms of Prostatits with medications, all-natural herbal supplements, and rest.

The Prostate Effect
The prostate’s main role is to produce enough white, alkaline-fluid for sperm to swim and survive in. In addition to producing the necessary liquid for semen, the prostate too regulates urine flow. When inflamed, the prostate tends to push upward and against the bladder, which can cause men to want to constantly urinate.

What Inflames The Prostate?
Prostate inflammation occurs for three reasons: age, excessive use, or bacterial infection. The first two reasons are often the most common. Most men aged 55 and over tend to see an increase in prostate size; it’s a normal occurrence. For men younger than 55, like you, tend to suffer from inflammation due to excessive use. Too much sex/masturbation can inflamed the prostate. In addition, over ejaculation can cause a hormone imbalance that can lead to weak erections and premature ejaculation.

The Damages of Too Much Sex/Masturbation
Sex and masturbation elevate the hormone prostaglandin E-2, which serves an inflammatory effect on the body, damaging tissues, nerves and joints, weakening immunity, causing muscular and nervous pain, and ruining the ejaculation valve that can cause premature ejaculation.

Plan of Action
For a man in your position, you want to rest and heal your body. Refrain from any type of sexual intercourse. Yes, this may feel like a punishment, but you must refrain from sex for a bit. If you wish to speed the recovery time of your prostate inflammation, potent herbs in botanical remedy are helpful to reduce prostate inflammation faster and restore your ejaculation control ability.

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