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LOST LUST FOR LOVE – Lower Libido Levels

Here’s an interesting case involving a middle aged gentleman who used to get things on in the bedroom with his wife, but has now suddenly lost his lust for love and sexy time. What’s really going on here? Well, the answers may be more easily understandable and natural than you think. Let’s take a peek…

Case #: 559


I'm 45 and male. Having trouble getting excited about sex. No impotence problems. Just lack of desire. My wife and I get it on about once a week, and I'm okay with that. But she's pretty horny and wants more. I'm very attracted to my wife. Just lacking the old energy.


The Cold, Hard, Facts

Sex. Men. Animalistic lust on fire. Let’s face it; from the much adulated matinee idols such as Rudolph Valentino to Russell Crowe and other contemporaries, men have always been seen as having a virile libido.

Just under the veneer of calm lies a crackling sexual energy and the strong, healthy male is always seen as being capable and more-than-ready to have sex at the drop of a hat. But those are characteristics that are seen on the silver screen. You, I, and everyone else are here living in reality. So what are the realities of having a low sex drive?

A number of factors. Everyone ages, and you as a middle aged man are probably experiencing naturally lower testosterone levels, the main hormone for a man’s sex drive. Other physical causes such as diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, and drug use can be major factors. Stress, depression, and other psychological factors can also come into play. Pharmaceutical medications may also inhibit your naturally healthy desires for sexy time. So how do we get you back to your winning ways?

How Do I Bring Out That Inner Animal Again?

First, we need to make sure that you have a healthy diet. You are literally what you eat, so staying away from fast food and other highly processed garbage will result in an almost immediate improvement in your physiology. You’re also a middle aged man, so aging signals natural ebb in your testosterone levels, but also a loss of its main backup sex hormones, nitric oxide/cGMP and prostaglandin E1.

Engaging in regular exercise, addressing any weight related problems, and having the aforementioned healthy diet can help you get back on track with your libido. Taking a natural herbal formula blended with Tongkat Ali which can also accelerate this process to recovery and get you excited about wanting to get things rolling with Mr. Happy down there.

These powerful botanical mixtures can also be a more wholistic alternative to medications, since they don’t harm your body. And unlike prescribed drugs, the only side effect you’ll be experiencing is a new heightened desire to get back to your animalistic ways. Go get ‘em, tiger!

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