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What Can You Do When Someone Hurts You And They Don’t Even Know It

He can’t keep a steady erection during sex and I’m afraid it’s because he’s smoking too much pot

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My boyfriend is very sweet to me. So I know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, but what can you do when someone hurts you and they don’t even know it? Here’s why:

He can’t keep a steady erection during sex and I’m afraid it’s because he’s smoking too much pot. I don’t know how to tell him without hurting his self-esteem, but what choice do I have when he gets an erection before sex then loses it halfway through?


Most marijuana advocates guarantee that Mary Jane will have no lasting side effects when it comes to sex. They’re actually profoundly wrong; anyone purchasing pot should consider the effects it has on the sex drive, impotence and female fertility. Let’s focus on the male side effects...(more)

Marijuana on the Mind

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the liver’s production is slowed down to the point of letting marijuana’s harmful toxins through. Anytime your boyfriend takes a hit he’s depleting his acetylcholine levels.

These control his erection, without enough of these in neural synapse, his nerves get jumbled up and he loses the erection. Try drinking coffee in between guzzling a yard of beer. You can’t maintain highs when taking downers. Sex is the upper; in this case, pot is the downer.

Science behind Marijuana and Sex

Every puff of marijuana decreases hormones for harder erections. Abusive marijuana causes dilated arteries and vessels, ruining testosterone, estradiol, cholesterol and prolactin levels in the body resulting in your boyfriend’s drop on the draw.

Starve Yourself with Healthier Things

He needs to stay away from sexual activity and pot. Your boyfriend’s system needs a complete rest from all sexual activity. The best way to clear up is a good detox. Right now, your boyfriend’s liver isn’t producing the right chemical levels his body needs to have natural long lasting sex. More importantly, the toxins from marijuana continue to cause long-term issues for his body...(detox & erection restoration remedy)

As for breaking the news, try discussing the health risks that come with marijuana. Finding the solution is easy, sticking with it will be a couple’s project.

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