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My Woman Is Saying That When I’m On Top Of Her, She Can't Feel Me. There Is No Friction On Her Vaginal Walls At All

Here we find a gentleman that is quite concerned about his penis size, or lack thereof. He feels that as a result of having a small penis, he can’t please his significant other, which is resulting in feelings of inadequacy. How can he get his penis closer to the big leagues?

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Hello, my name is Richard. My problem is I want to get a big penis. My woman is saying that when I’m on top of her, she can't feel me. There is no friction on her vaginal walls at all. That's because my penis is way too small. My question is, how do you make it bigger? I am way under the average like 3'inches, 2 circumference and about 1/2 inch wide. That is so depressing for self-esteem and confidence wise also. With that, my women can never achieve orgasms. Also, my erections are never hard enough. To my knowledge this is because I don’t have enough blood going through and also not enough testosterone. My level is very low. What herbal remedy should I take for the problems? I know it could become as big as you want. I’m also asking some tips for it too. I’m pretty depressed about it, this is my man hood we’re talking about. I want to start being happy with myself and make my women happy. Also, thank you sincerely and god bless.


“Bigger is better…””Go big or go home…” We’ve all heard good ‘ol American sayings similar to these. They can be applied to a whole plethora of things; penis size included of course. And there is a tremendous amount of pressure on men in terms of being able to measure up, quite literally, and being fully capable of having the right equipment necessary to properly stimulate your significant other, and give her those quivering orgasms.
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Summary: One man feels his current penis size prevents him from pleasing his partner. Now, he wants to learn how to obtain a larger penis. See how he—and you—can increase your penis size to provide your partner with pleasure. If you have questions, please leave them in your comments below or post on the forms.

Your Solution: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview

Oh, the Pressure

Men who don’t, tend to blame themselves and this creates feelings of despair and anguish, self-loathing, and even clinical depression. After all, having a penis that is a little more on the larger side of the spectrum, is perceived, as you put it, as a sign of male’s “manhood.” If that wasn’t enough, women that aren’t sensitive to this dilemma can reject men with small packages, further exacerbating the feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

You’re already on the right track as far as investigating the cause of your small penis. Having low testosterone is definitely affecting you, and the reason is quite simple: Testosterone is the sexual hormone that acts as the first catalyst in a series of chemical chain reactions that fire off during the beginning of sexy-time, creating that animalistic desire to have sex, or engage in a healthy masturbatory session. Look at it as the lighter fluid that you spray onto firewood in order to start a fire. After it’s soaked, just tossing one match onto the pile of wood, and “woooosh!” up it goes in flames.

Similarly, if you have weak blood circulations, your body is incapable of mobilizing your blood supply to your penis, thereby enabling it to fill with the necessary amount of blood for hardness and size. So how do we fix this?

Realistic Growth

First, we need to make sure that you realize that this issue can be overcome, but it will require a good amount of self-discipline and follow-through in order to achieve positive results. Penile enlargement can be accomplished, but it doesn’t happen overnight; it requires you to put in some serious effort for long-term, lasting results. And we’re not talking about surgery, rings, penis pumps, wacky penile weight-lifting regimens, or any other quick-fix methods that can be potentially bad for your health.

One way that you can cut through all of the BS and affect some real change is by taking a natural herbal formula. (TRY: Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement) These powerful natural remedies contain properties that can boost the amount of testosterone, PGE-1, and HGH into your penile chambers, enhance the ability of your penile sponge tissue to retain more blood for longer lasting erections, and expand the actual interconnected penile chambers that fill up with blood for hard erections and bigger size.

Over a period of time, this will result in your penis becoming larger. Realistically, this might not result in you gaining a 10” penis, but can get you back into the average range of 5” to 6.5” and back into the swing of things.

What to do

Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Stop worrying about the size of your penis and start taking Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement.

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