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When Diabetes Throws Your Semen Into Reverse

His diabetes was causing him to suffer from retrograde ejaculation, which causes the semen to move inward into the bladder, rather than outward through the penis. Believe me, it's not as fun it sounds. Learn about this unique condition, and see what can be done.

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Can you please explain to me a condition which has me perplexed. I am a diabetic since the age of 15 and have mild impotence. The problem is, in the last 2 yrs my orgasms remain strong, yet there is almost zero semen that comes out anymore. I take insulin .This problem has become quite embarrassing for my partner and myself. Please help.


As you know, diabetes is a serious condition, and it affects a lot more than just your blood sugar. Diabetes can have a tremendous impact on your sexual health, contributing to impotence and even retrograde ejaculation (or “dry orgasm”).

Retrograde ejaculation turns your penis into a veritable vacuum, drawing the semen inward rather than letting it out. The condition is incredibly embarrassing for any guy who has experienced it, but fortunately there are solutions.

Dry Orgasms – Sometimes Life is Just Unfair

Quite often, our sexual dysfunctions are the result of our own misguided behavior: too much masturbation, drug use, alcohol abuse, poor diet, cheating on a vengeful spouse who happens to have a knife in her hand (hopefully that last one doesn't apply to you).

But sometimes, it's just beyond our control. The fact that you've had diabetes since you were 15 tells me that you were genetically predisposed to the condition, and through absolutely no fault of your own, you must bear the full weight of the consequences. Sometimes nature is just great like that. Thankfully, though, we live in an age of opportunity, and we understand better than ever before how to address common afflictions – even the most painful and embarrassing of these afflictions.

Why Is This Happening?

As I said, reverse ejaculation is common among diabetes sufferers. The problem is caused by the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck that cause the semen to flow backward. Rather than exiting the penis, the semen ventures backward, into the bladder.

Though the condition is basically harmless, and should not inhibit your ability to achieve orgasm, it can certain be very embarrassing (as you yourself have said), and it can make it almost impossible for you to conceive children. Also, it may cause your urine to become white and cloudy, as you have semen collecting inside your bladder.

Fixing the Geyser

If you want to restore your ejaculation to its full explosive glory, you first need to focus on getting—and keeping—your blood sugar under control. As a diabetic, I'm sure you already realize the paramount importance of this one simple step.

But sometimes it's not enough to simply dip your blood sugar back into the 100s, so I would recommend taking an herbal solution that's specially formulated to treat retrograde ejaculation (SEE: herbal treatment for retrograde ejaculation problems). Herbs like Ashwagandha, Ostrea Gigas, Pyrola and Sarsasparilla can work to rejuvenate those damaged bladder nerves, and reverse the effects of retrograde ejaculation. Just bear in mind that these herbs will take time to reach their full potential, and the use of these herbs should be accompanied by a healthy diet.

Pretty soon, though, you should start to notice that familiar release. Just be sure to save it for your partner!

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