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Has Over-Masturbation Affected Your Sex Life Negatively? Become a Sexual Knight Again!

A 41-year-old male who started masturbating daily from the age 14 has began to notice symptoms of sexual exhaustion.

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I’m a 41-year-old male who started masturbating around age 14. I, like most youngsters, was curious about my body. I experimented. I explored. And I masturbated till my penis hurt. It was fun. It was thrilling. It was—relaxing. Around my 30th birthday, I noticed my body change. I felt depressed and anxious. For years, I lived a healthy, happy life. All of a sudden, the depression and anxiety set in. I thought, “oh my, it’s a mid-life crisis—at the age of 30!”

Soon after the depression and anxiety took over, I began to experience vision problems. My vision was beset by eye floaters. As if that was not enough, my memory started to fade as did my ability to concentrate. I cannot even gain or maintain a proper erection. I am 40—but felt as if I were an 80-year old. What is going on with me!


You seem to have overindulged & started too early in your sexual exploration. Teens love to experiment and explore. They are curious creatures. As they age, the curiosity can turn to addiction. You, as most teens, experimented a bit too much, leading to your current situation. The problem is simple: you suffer from sexual exhaustion caused by over-masturbation.

Sex is Exhausting!
Yes, sex is tiring. Sex is exhausting on the body. Sex is even stressful. Such a fun, physical activity can overwork and overstress the body to a point of, well, exhaustion. Think of sex like any other physical activity. The longer you engage in the activity, the harder it becomes to maintain the same level of intensity.

Sex, masturbation, and even pornography can deplete acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin, essential neurotransmitters needed for sex. When you ejaculate in excess, the androgen hormones, i.e., testosterone and estrogen, also become depleted. When these hormones experience a dearth in production, the body starts to malfunction. Vision appears fuzzy. Ears start to buzz. Back pain starts to emerge. Even your erections start to disappear completely.

Once the body experiences an imbalance, you too start to see a proliferation in the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2. Think of prostaglandin E-2 as a massage hormone, which when released, relaxes the muscles. Too much of this hormone creates a negative side effect: blurry vision, thinning hair, back pain, and premature ejaculation symptoms.

What to Do What to Do!
Well, for one, stop masturbating. Yes, you may have done the act for years. Yes, it feels like habit, but this habit too has caused an array of problems. The average time it takes to break a bad habit is 21 days. Should you be expected to just quit instantly? Nope. Sex addiction—like any addiction—takes time to quit. Reduce the frequency of your activities until you no longer masturbate.

Once you quit, the body can begin to heal itself. The liver will recover and dispel the toxic buildup accrued from years of abusive masturbation. The hormone levels will return to normal. The nerve endings will signal properly again. Your vision problems and ear buzzing are severe symptoms of sexual exhaustion, you need to take more powerful herbal remedy to help you recover. Think of these products as nutrients for the body that allow it to heal.

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Samuel Asomontsi
11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
Please i have been masturbating since age 13 till now i am 21 and i now experince a lot of problems like shrinked penis, sexual weakness the longest time i can have sex is 30 seconds and my girlfriend is now disappointed in me i also experince low sperm count and when ever i visit the wash room i see some whitish discharge from my penis and it is sticky too. please i need serious help
its nice to be nice

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