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Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation

A morning visit from the boner fairy signifies a healthy sex drive. Morning wood shows the body properly re-charging itself with the necessary nutrients to help power an erection. Men who masturbate or engage in too much sex can see a reduction in erectile strength. Morning erections can fade away. Sex drive can disappear. And the once minimial stimulation needed for an erection can be lost.

Men who suffer from sexual exhaustion, often because of incessant masturbation before puberty, cannot maintain a hard erection during sex—and some cannot gain an erection at all. The inability to sustain a hard erection is often an early indication of more complicated erectile dysfunctions to follow, including premature ejaculation, prostate inflammation, seminal leakage and fatigue.

Why No More Morning Erection?

The body depends on chemical interactions to produce an erection. Testosterone powers the sex drive, while nitric oxide stimulates the penis for an erection. Acetylcholine serves as vital nuerotransmitter that exicites the body, while dopamine ensures the penis stays stimulated. When any of these bodily reactions stop functioning or become “burnt out” due to excessive use, an individual can start to see a disappearence in morning erections, an increase in exhaustion and a complete disapereance in erectile strength.

What It Is Formulated To Do:

Thermal imaging studies have shown that Curculigo, Cnidium, Schisandra, Cynomorium, Rehmannia, Cuscuta and Cornus contain molecules that stimulate the production of nitric oxide. These herbs also rejuvenate damaged penile tissue from a venous leak, which constricts blood flow to the penis. Significant improvements can last months after taking this formula. Benefits include:

  • Sustaining hard-rock erection throughout intercourse
  • Regaining morning erection
  • Fixing oxidative damages to the penile tissues
  • Boosting nitric oxide for firm erection 
  • Enhancing elasticity of blood vessels
  • Fighting exhaustion and impotence caused by over masturbation and sex
Formulated To Fix Erectile Softness Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Thermal Imaging

Studies of penile blood flow using thermal imaging provides a clear view of the physiological and temperature changes in the penile tissues. Using thermal imaging, medical professionals are able to detect and analyze heat patterns by measuring the infrared energy radiated on the skin's surface. Professionals can tailor treatment options to affected areas. Because thermal imaging combines real-time, highly sensitive cameras, the process is used in pre-and-post-treatment evaluations. Thermal imaging not only displays and analyzes the physiological images, but also processes and stores pictures for analysis during future appointments. Best of all, thermal imaging is painless, non-invasive and radiation-free.

Stage 1
The subject has suffered from weak/soft erection (Impotence). Blood circulation is poor and nitric oxide concentration is low. Thermal Imaging shows that the bloodstream temperature is below normal body temperature.
Stage 2
After four days of taking this herbal blend, a user can see blood circulation improve. After approximately 2-5 minutes of stimulation, the subject begins to pump blood to the groin area. Thermal Imaging indicates that the concentration of blood centered on the groin lowers body temperature in that area.
Stage 3
At this stage, the subject has 65 percent of his erectile power restored. After approximately 2-5 minutes, the penis is filled it to its capacity.
Stage 4
The subject's penis, upon arousal, engorges with blood. 80 percent of men participating in this study were satisfied with the results.
**Ongoing research data. Individual results varied. Younger men age 45 and below might reach stage 4 faster than seniors

Benefits of Erection Rejuvenation

Every man's bodily functions are different. Some may experience premature ejaculation problems. Other men may be unable to hold an erection. By improving the flow of blood  to the penis and stabilizing the production of vital neurochemicals, such as dopamine and nitric oxide, men who suffer from venous leakage, constricted blood vessels, exhaustion and impotence can see a reduction in symptoms.

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