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From Your Eyes to Your Thighs – The Physical Consequences of Over-Masturbation

Too much masturbation can affect more than just your penis. Learn how one guy's habit caused symptoms ranging from poor vision to urinary incontinence, and learn why this happens.

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I feel the urge to masturbate all the time, I try to restrain myself for days but it builds up, and every woman I see makes me feel aroused. I have masturbated for over 25 years and one day I stopped cold turkey, and man I went crazy. And even when I don’t masturbate, sperm comes out. This problem has so messed me up that I no longer want to masturbate for pleasure, I just want to relieve the built up pressure, blurred vision, buzzing in ear, eye floaters, border hypertension, dizzy, memory loss when I drink water I have to urinate often unwanted discharge, it seems I have most all the symptoms you listed except ejaculatory disorder. I have masturbated 7 times a day before quitting; I seem to always fall asleep, and have very poor concentration I read a book a page at a time, and most of the time I can’t tell anyone what I just read. Help if you can. I’m trying very hard not to look at porn.


Masturbation is generally safe in moderation, but 7 times per day is not exactly what I would call “moderation.” It's like having a three-pack-a-day smoking habit, but instead of puffing on cigarette butts, you're abusing the worn-out appendage between your legs. Now, excessive masturbation might not give you lung cancer, but as you have learned firsthand, it can certainly have some devastating health consequences.

Why You Feel Like a Broken Robot

Excessive masturbation is no laughing matter. It can turn you into somewhat of a robot. Your constant, insatiable orgasmic urge has stripped of your free will, and these automatonic behaviors have caused a variety of malfunctions, from memory loss to eye floaters, to urinary incontinence. I could write an entire volume about why you're experiencing these varied symptoms, but I'll try to simplify it and give you the Cliff's Notes version.

Constant masturbation throws your hormones out of balance. Important sex hormones like testosterone are depleted, while potentially hazardous inflammatory hormones like DHT and prostaglandin E2 are overproduced. These hormones are released into your brains, joints, muscles, seminal vesicles and prostate. The subsequent prostate inflammation causes problems like penile leakage and urinary incontinence, while the effects on your brain impact your vision, memory and nerves. In short, your whole body suffers.

Fixing the Robot – Time for a Software Update

It sounds like you have really put your body through the wringer, but there is still hope. The one positive thing about masturbation-induced symptoms is that you can usually get the problem back under control by modifying your lifestyle accordingly.

First and foremost, please seek help for your masturbatory compulsion. It sounds like you have a legitimate physical addiction, and your mere force of will might not be sufficient to get the problem under control. There's no shame in reaching out to a professional, and in fact, it may greatly improve your quality of life.

Second, you can treat your individual symptoms with a variety of herbal treatments, which are specially formulated for vision problems, prostate inflammation and even fatigue. Treat your body well, and you should start to feel like your old self again. [SEE MORE: Herbal Treatment For Severely Addictive Stage]

Just be patient, be diligent, and remember that your compulsions only provide short-term relief, while plaguing you with long-term damage. It's just not worth it. So toss the porn in the garbage where it belongs, and take back your life.

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